Super Autoflower Seeds

super auto marijuana seeds

Every marijuana grower knows there is that particular strain that is a marvel to grow. Not only do their seeds grow into healthy plants, but they can also endure risky environmental variables like pests and diseases. These strains reach maturity quickly and produce high, great quality yields. In the marijuana growing community, we call these … Read more

Durban Poison: Cannabis Review

growing Durban poison strain

The popularity of Durban Poison is rapidly growing worldwide due to its energetic, uplifting effects and sweet, cheese-like smell. It is the ideal strain for those who would like to stay productive throughout a busy day, as it sparks creativity.  Durban Poison is a suitable pick in the morning since it provides you with another … Read more

Early Finishing Outdoor Cannabis Strains

growing cannabis plants outdoor

The popularity of Early finishing outdoor strains has increased tremendously over the past few years. These strains are common among most cannabis growers because they have a short flowering span. Also, they are easy to grow outdoors. With these weed strains, you can get cannabis seeds with high THC and CBD content. These flexible strains … Read more

When Do Outdoor Plants Start to Flower in California?

marijuana growing in California

Many growers opt to grow their plants outdoors. With outdoor planting, you don’t have to worry about providing your plants with light as it grows. A marijuana plant has different growth stages throughout its lifespan. So if you were wondering: When does flowering start outdoors? This guide will explain the average flowering time of outdoor … Read more

Robert Bergman Seeds from Amsterdam

Marijuana Seeds By ILGM

Robert Bergman is the founder of I Love Growing Marijuana. It’s one of the most popular marijuana seed banks in the world. Robert Bergman seeds are renowned for their high germination levels and speedy delivery, but that’s only a few of the benefits that you’ll find at ILGM.  In this article, we’ll go into more … Read more

How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

Weed Storage Method

You might be asking yourself: How long does weed stay good? The good news is weed never goes bad to the point of becoming unsafe, but its effect will reduce. You have to store it in an environment that will not expose it to mold or mildew.  Nobody wants their weed going stale if they … Read more

Best Strains of All Time: Our Top Picks 2021

best marijuana strains

Cannabis growers are welcoming 2021 with new weed strains in the market. There are several weed strains that you can try and experience a memorable high. We all know that choosing the best cannabis strain can be a daunting task. You may think you are buying the best cannabis strains of all time, but you … Read more