High Yielding Indoor Strains

High Yielding Indoor Strains

Are you ready to start growing your own cannabis? If so, you’ll love some of the following high yielding indoor strains. We have hand-selected each of them. That way, you can go straight to the best yielding members of the species. By working with these seeds, you’ll avoid many headaches. Since these produce such great … Read more

How to Pick the Best Seed Banks That Accept PayPal


If you’d like to grow marijuana, you’ll need to find some quality seeds. Without those, you’ll have a tough time getting anything to sprout. However, for many aspiring growers, finding them appears to be a rather significant ordeal. Fortunately, nowadays, you can use the Internet for just about everything. Still, does that mean ordering seeds … Read more

How to Decarb Weed

Decarb Weed: What Is It and Why It’s Necessary If you are unfamiliar with making edibles, then you might not know much about decarboxylation. However, any time you use weed, you are decarboxylating it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t feel like much. In fact, it’s this process that produces the high levels of THC present in weed. … Read more

Best LED Grow Lights


How to Choose the Best Grow Lights for Your Indoor Setup If you are growing cannabis, Then you need the right lights. Without those, you will be disappointed by the harvest. Fortunately, with today’s technology, there are tons of options. Plus, with each passing year, it seems as if they become even more affordable. Of … Read more

Yellow Spots on Weed Plant Leaves: Causes and Treatment

Yellow marijuana leaves

Why Are There Yellow Spots on Weed? When growing cannabis, yellow leaves are a sign that something is wrong. If your plant happened to turn yellow, you’d want to take action immediately. Otherwise, it could jeopardize your entire harvest. Fortunately, as long as you catch it early, treating these conditions isn’t all that complicated. However, … Read more

Seedsman Seed Bank Review

Seedsman seed bank has been around since 2003 and has built up a reputation as being a reliable and user-friendly online seed bank. They have a loyal customer base that loves them because they provide excellent customer service, good return policy, and a top-notch loyalty program. A big focus of their brand is also dedicated … Read more

Sensi Seed Review

Sensi Seeds is an Amsterdam based seed bank with over 30-years of history in the cannabis industry. It’s the oldest running seed bank and has built a reputation of being a reliable and consistently provider of high-quality cannabis seeds. It’s founder, Ben Dronkers, is also the founder of the famous Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum … Read more

True North Seed Bank Review

True North Seed Bank (TNSB) is a lesser-known seed bank that came on to the scene relatively recently and is working to build a name for themselves int the industry. There isn’t much transparency on the background of the company, but what we do know is that they sell a wide variety of high-quality cannabis … Read more

What Are the Best Bubble Bags for Making Hash

Best Bubble Bags for Making Hash

If you have been smoking for long enough, you’ve probably heard about hash before. Suppose you’ve never gotten the chance to try it, though. When those are the shoes you occupy, there is only one course of action that makes any sense. From our point of view, you must try some. Typically, it will be … Read more