Gold Leaf Strain

The Gold Leaf Autoflower strain is one of the most popular herbs. It was created by Robert Bergman, who is an expert in growing weed. His creation strikes all the right cords with users all around the world. The strain is made up of 60% Indica and 40% sativa. It contains about 21% of both … Read more

Can You Grow Weed With A Black Light?

cannabis black grow lights

Growing your own weed, where legal, can be a great hobby. However, it requires patience, determination, and the right tools to keep your plant growing successfully. It’s not as easy as throwing some seeds in the soil and calling it a day. SO the questions begs: Can You Grow Weed With A Black Light? Proper … Read more

Top 10 High Yielding Autoflower Seeds

Top Auto Marijuana Seeds

If you’re intimidated by the complexity of cannabis cultivation, then we’ve got two words for you: autoflowering seeds. OK, maybe that was technically three words, but you get the point. Check out our top 10 high yield autoflower seeds. Unlike traditional feminized seeds, auto seeds have genetic traces from the cannabis ruderalis family. Interestingly, ruderalis … Read more