Bergman’s Plant Food

Marijuana plants love their food. Even the least fussy strains thrive when they are fed the right food at the right stages of growth. To make your work easier, we made a marijuana fertilizer set called Bergman’s Plant Food.

Our Favorite Marijuana Plant Food Set

This set consists of enough fertilizer to feed 5 plants through the seeding, growing, and flowering stages. There is also a plant booster in the mix that your plants will just love. Growers have provided hundreds of positive Bergmans plant food reviews. Let us take a closer look at this set so you can understand why they love it so much.

Seedling Fertilizer

In the package, there is a 10-gram packet of fertilizer for the seedling stage. In this stage, the foundation for the growing plant needs to be set. This is why the fertilizer consists of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Phosphorus is higher in proportion to promote the growth of stronger roots. Using the Seedling Fertilizer will strengthen the young plant’s roots and help it grow faster towards the next stage.

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Growtime Fertilizer

The 25 grams of Growtime Fertilizer are designed to use in the vegetative stage of the cannabis plant’s growth. Here, your plant needs all the nutrients it can get to develop healthy leaves that will feed it during the flowering stage.

This is why the Growtime Fertilizer has high levels of potassium and nitrogen and less phosphorus. It works on your roots so they uptake nutrients better. The fertilizer also multiples the microbial life in the soil so that your roots grow strong and healthy.

Flowertime Fertilizer

Flowering is the most anticipated stage of a cannabis plant’s growth. Taking care of your plant in this stage is necessary so you can get the best quality, potent buds for harvest. The 200 grams of Bergman’s Flowertime Plant Food is very high in potassium, with phosphorus being lower than nitrogen.

Nitrogen helps the leaves thrive so that the leaves can make enough food to promote flower growth. The high potassium levels ensure you get many buds with potent composition. Using Bergman’s Flowertime Plant Food in the right amounts throughout the flowering stage guarantees you a yield you will be happy with.

Plant Booster

This 10 gram Plant Booster was formulated to aid in the flowering process. It is made with high concentrations of nitrogen and potassium to supplement Bergman’s Flowertime Plant Food.

If you add it to the soil right before flowering starts it will make the flowering stage start earlier so your plants have a lot longer to develop the potent buds you desire. Adding it during the flowering stage will strengthen the roots and improve their nutrient retention capability.

Growing Marijuana Plants Outdoor
Growing Marijuana Plants

How to Use Bergman’s Plant Food

While this marijuana fertilizer set is a magical worker, it does not operate in a vacuum. You will still need to take care of your cannabis plant. Our Grow Bible will give you all the tips you need to take your plant from seedling to harvesting. However, let us look at a few tips so you can use the fertilizer set properly.

Fertilizer Pre-Check Tips

Before adding the fertilizer, perform a check for the following:

  • Your plant has enough sun exposure based on the growth requirements for the strain you are growing.
  • Test your plant’s pH. A slightly acidic environment of between 6 to 7 pH value will make sure your plants are ready to absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer.
  • Check your plants for nutrient burn, and flush whenever you see the telltale signs.
  • Follow the Bergmans plant food feeding schedule to ensure your plants have the right nutrients at each growth stage.

Steps for Using Bergman’s Plant Food

  • Dissolve the fertilizer amount indicated on the Bergmans plant food feeding schedule in 0.26 gallons of water that is room temperature.
  • Stir the fertilizer until it is properly dissolved into the water.
  • Add to your plants.  Use together with other Bergman’s Plant Food for better results.
Getting Higher Marijuana Yield With Fertilizer
Getting Higher Marijuana Yield With Fertilizer


Bergman’s plant food is a must-have for any grower, whether beginner or expert. The package has everything you need, from a seedling fertilizer that grows your roots to the Bergman’s Flowertime Plant Food that will give you numerous resinous buds. If you do not trust us, check out all the Bergman’s Plant Food reviews from growers who have loved this set. 

Additionally, we have a great variety of seeds in our seed bank for you to pick from. Our high-quality collection features tons of strains that can be grown in many different environments. You will have your pick of original and hybrid strains so you can experiment and get to grow marijuana plants that you will love.

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