Best Marijuana Nutrients to Buy Online

Growing marijuana, whether for commercial or personal use, takes a lot more than just good soil, adequate watering, and sunlight. A lot goes into a single weed plant, the most important of them all being nutrients. You need to use the best nutrients for marijuana plants for you to get aromatic, flavorful buds. We compiled the best marijuana nutrients you can use to ensure your plants thrive and yield the best buds possible.

Before jumping on a single nutrient you have heard about everywhere, you need to be well versed in a couple of things. Some of these things include the type and amount of nutrients your marijuana needs, the best marijuana nutrients for the soil, and the nutrient requirements your marijuana needs at its different growth stages.

Types of Cannabis Nutrients 

These are the several nutrients your plant needs for its everyday growth:


They refer to a group of nutrients needed in large quantities. There are naturally occurring macronutrients and some that you will need to add to the soil. These include Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and potassium, commonly used in the NPK ratio.

Nitrogen is used for growth, phosphorus for root, seed, and flower development, and potassium is necessary for overall plant health. A cannabis plant requires varying amounts of macronutrients depending on the development stage.

A cannabis plant requires macronutrients
A cannabis plant requires macronutrients in every growth stage

Secondary nutrients

These are almost the same as the macronutrients but are not required in as high quantities as the macronutrients. Secondary nutrients include sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. They are essential in cannabis growth and will need you to maintain proper pH levels for your plant to benefit from them.

Secondary nutrients have crucial functions, including promoting root growth. Sulfur aids in transpiration and metabolism, and transportation of chlorophyll; magnesium makes the chlorophyll that plants use as food; and calcium promotes the absorption and transport of other nutrients.  Although the quantities of secondary nutrients are not high, they are still critical in the overall health and growth of cannabis plants.


These refer to minerals and elements that are not easily found on earth and are not needed in high quantities. Their functions include:


This aids in the photosynthesis and production of chlorophyll, together with enzyme interactions.


Iron is necessary for the production of chlorophyll. If your leaves start yellowing, it can be an indication of iron deficiency.


This nutrient helps process nitrogen.


This helps in the development of branches, leaves, and stems. It is also necessary for maturing cannabis plants.


This nutrient helps in strengthening stems and branches. It also assists in the growth of plant protein.


Boron aids in root tips development. Also promotes the absorption of calcium and helps with the transportation of sugars.

Organic nutrients

They contain a range of different compounds, such as worm castings and bone meal. You can find these being sold individually, or some are mixed with organic potting blends. They give the plant a pleasant aroma and taste and are all-natural, so they do not affect the ecology. They are best used when the plant is grown in the soil because they can clog or promote the growth of unwanted plants when used in a hydroponic system.

Organic nutrients for cannabis plants
Organic nutrients for cannabis plants

Synthetic nutrients

These are also called chemical fertilizers, these nutrients show quick results. They help plants grow quickly in a short time and result in higher yields in a short span. They are best used in hydroponic systems and help increase the crop’s potency.

Soil microbes (rhizobacteria)

These nutrients are added to the soil for their ability to produce beneficial byproducts, which increase yields.

Factors to Consider When Buying Nutrients

Some of the other important factors you need to know before buying nutrients for your plants include:


Different brands have different combinations of organic and chemical compounds that they use in their nutrient ratios. These compounds react differently with each other, meaning you can see different nutrient bottles with the same NPK ratios, but they might provide different levels of nutrients. The ingredients used are what determine if the nutrients are organic or synthetic.

Nutrient ratios

There are multiple brands offering nutrients for marijuana plants. Each brand has different ratios that they think are necessary for each growth stage. 

Soil or Hydro nutrients

Matching your medium of growing with the nutrients you use is one of the most crucial things. Soil and hydroponic nutrients differ in their nutrients, so you have to be sure that you are getting the correct kind. Hydroponic nutrients usually contain all that your plants need to grow, and you can grow them in any growing medium.

Hydroponic nutrients contain all that your weed plants need to grow
Hydroponic nutrients contain all that your weed plants need to grow

Feeding Schedule

Another thing you need to pay close attention to when dealing with the best nutrients for marijuana is the feeding schedule. The number of nutrients or fertilizers you give to your plants will depend on the growing stage the plant is in and the size. You can create a balanced ratio by adding fertilizer to your water before introducing it to the plant.

Only use nutrients and fertilizers in your plants when they start showing a nutrient deficiency or a few times since you do not want to overwhelm the plant with unnecessary nutrients.

Where you are growing the plants will also determine the feeding schedule to follow. Plants grown indoors do not need as many nutrients because they have a grow light link, while outdoor plants need more nutrients since they grow taller and therefore need high quantities of Nitrogen.

Watering and pH Levels

Other than nutrients, water and pH levels are also essential factors to consider when growing marijuana. Water pH is crucial, especially when using a hydroponic system. If you see your plants displaying deficiency signs even though you give them enough nutrients and fertilizers, it might signify that the pH levels are not satisfactory.

Water and pH levels when growing cannabis
Water and pH levels are essential factors to consider when growing cannabis

If pH levels are unsatisfactory, the plant has a reduced ability to absorb nutrients which can cause the plant to start withering and show deficiency signs. When growing your plants in a hydroponic environment, the pH levels must range between 5.5 and 6. When growing in soil, the conditions need to be more acidic, so the levels must be between 6 and 7.

Water your plants regularly but take extra care, so you do not overwater them. Too much water can result in little airflow, which in return might make the roots start rotting. Do not be afraid to experiment as much as possible with the water levels to know what the optimal amount for your plant is. Other factors like environment, climate, and the cannabis strain will also help determine the correct quality and quantity of water.

NPK Levels of Cannabis Nutrients in Every Stage of the Cannabis Life Cycle

While on the topic of best marijuana nutrients, we have to consider the NPK levels. This refers to the nutrient ratios that your plant will need for the best results. 

The NPK levels refer to the three main macronutrients- Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). You will need to use these nutrients throughout the whole cannabis life cycle. There are, however, changes in the quantities needed in each stage, and these include.

Vegetative Growth Phase

The vegetative growth phase refers to the early stages of the plant’s cycle. In this stage, there is a minimal level of nutrient requirements needed. Plants at this stage need a high N feed. Most growers use the 3:1:1 NPK ratio across all the different cannabis strains. At the beginning stage, the nitrogen requirements are higher than those of potassium and phosphorus until the plant reaches the bloom stage.

Cannabis vegetative growth phase
Cannabis vegetative growth phase

You will not need to use any nitrogen additives because the soil naturally has enough fertilizers for the beginning of the phase during the first month. At this stage, all you will need to do is to water the plant and be on the lookout for nutrient lockouts.

Flowering Phase

This is the second stage of the cannabis plant cycle, and it brings about a change in the macronutrient requirements your plants will need. At this stage, you will have to adjust the NPK ratio.

The best NPK ratio recommended is a 1:3:2, which you will use until mid-bloom and then switch to 0:3:3 ratios when the plant gets to late bloom. You will also need to add a flushing solution or use a flush of water to add flavor to the plant.

The amount of P and K will dictate the bud’s size, which is why you must reduce the nitrogen quantities. High nitrogen quantities can spoil the taste and sinsemilla of the bud, giving you a rough stash. It would be best if you used more phosphorus and potassium (P&K) at this stage to increase the chances of getting a better flavor and feel. Avoid using N nutrients in the final ten weeks before harvesting to get the best results.

The Best Marijuana Nutrients to Maximize Your Grow

We finally come to what you have been waiting for, our recommendation for the best marijuana nutrients. This list contains the best nutrients for growing marijuana that we have tried and tested. They are some of the best overall nutrients, and many others would agree with us. 

Medical Marijuana Grow Kit

Robert Bergman’s plant food is one of the best nutrients you can use for your plants. This Grow Kit comes with all the nutrients for every growth phase, saving you the time spent worrying about the right fertilizer for the different steps your plant goes through.

Medical Marijuana Grow Kit

Buy Medical Marijuana Grow Kit

The Kit contains:

  • 20 Harlequin Seeds

This strain has high CBD levels and low THC levels. It is suitable for use if you want to reduce stress, anxiety, and some chronic pains.

  • Plant protector

The Marijuana Plant Protector System helps protect your plants against pests and diseases. You only need one set for a complete cycle with 20 large plants.

  • Marijuana fertilizer

They help you increase the yield and overall health of your plants and help reduce soil erosion. The fertilizer included in this pack supports an entire cycle of 5-10 plants.

This Kit is fully equipped with all you will need for a large stash of Harlequin buds. They cover all stages, from the seedling stage to the flowering stage. It also contains a feeding schedule for both soil and hydro plants, with clear directions to follow for every phase. 

The Kit can work with all types of plants, whether they are grown indoors or outdoors. With the fertilizers, nutrients, and proper care, you will get healthy yields of up to 17 ounces per every 3×3 feet. The effects you will get from them will leave you energized, uplifted, and full of creativity. The seeds work well in sunny climates.

Marijuana Grow Kit – White Widow

This is a complete White Widow Grow Set that guarantees you the best results, whether you grow your plants outdoors or indoors. The Kit will help you produce a massive stash of White Widow bud together with all the needed nutrients, all in one stash.


Buy White Widow
Grow Kit

The Kit comes with a plant protector set that helps protect your plants from bug and mold infestations. When you buy this grow Kit, you get:

  • 20 White Widow Seeds

White Widow is one of the most popular strains sought after in the market. This is because of the euphoric, uplifting feeling it gives. Our Grow Kit contains 20 of these highly sought-after seeds high in THC and low in CBD to create a powerful buzz.

The seeds work well in any conditions, whether indoors or outdoors, and favor sunny climates. They are easy to grow and become a compact plant with high yields, ranging from 4 to 6 ounces per 3×3 feet. 

The seeds take up to 8 weeks to flower and have an earthy, herbal, woody taste and smell. You can use the seeds to deal with stress, anxiety, ADD, PTSD, and depression.

  • Marijuana fertilizer

The fertilizer contains the best marijuana nutrients for soil as it helps reduce soil erosion. The fertilizer also increases the yield and the general health of your plants, enabling you to grow healthy, fertile marijuana plants with a high yield and great taste.

  • Plant Protector

This plant protector gives your marijuana plant all the protection it needs. It is powerful against common pests and diseases and is large enough for a complete cycle with up to 20 plants.

  • Feeding schedule

No grow kit is complete without a feeding schedule, and this one doesn’t disappoint. With this Kit, you will get a feeding schedule for both soil and hydro-grown plants. The plan shows a detailed description of how much your plants will need throughout the seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages.

Take advantage of this whole Grow Kit and get happy, healthy marijuana plants with the best protection possible.

Marijuana Grow Kit – Gold Leaf

Next on our list of the best marijuana nutrients is the Gold Leaf Grow Kit. The Kit is packed with all you need to get a beautiful and delicious stash of Gold Leaf buds. It contains the best nutrients for growing marijuana plants that will help guide you through every single stage. There is no need to think about changing the fertilizer once your plants grow, as this Kit has it all. It also contains a plant protector for the added protection your plants will need.


Buy Gold Leaf
Grow Kit

When you buy a Gold Leaf Kit, you get:

  • 20 Gold Leaf Seeds

This Kit has got you covered. You do not have to worry about finding some Gold Leaf seeds that you can trust since they are already included in the pack. The seeds grow into tall plants and produce a massive yield. They are easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

The seeds have high THC levels, great for when you need that extra high that leaves you happy and relaxed. They take up to 9 weeks to flower and have a herbal, sweet, spicy, and earthy taste and aroma, perfect for the ultimate relaxation.

  • Fertilizer

Looking for the best nutrients for marijuana plants? Well, look no further than the Gold Leaf Kit. It contains a fertilizer full of the best nutrients for marijuana. The fertilizer helps reduce soil erosion while boosting the yield and health of your plants at the same time.

  • Plant protector

Pests and diseases are the bane of every grower’s existence and can tremendously bring down your stock’s value. But don’t you worry, our Kit contains a marijuana plant protector that shields your plants against pests and diseases.

Marijuana Fertilizer Set

What if you already have seeds and are only looking for the proper nutrients? We have you covered with our marijuana fertilizer set. This set includes everything your plants need for a high yield. With this set, you only need to provide a growing medium, water, and light source, and the fertilizers will handle the rest.


Buy Marijuana Fertilizer

  • All the nutrients you need from seedling to harvest
  • Enough nutrients for at least 5 plants
  • Discounted combination deal
  • Suitable for soil, hydroponic and other growing mediums

The set contains:

  • Seedling fertilizer- Bergman’s seedling fertilizer has a healthy blend of nutrients that give your plant the growing boost it needs. It has an NPK ratio of 11:40:13. You can use it during the beginning stages of your plant’s growth to help in root development and promote healthy growth.
  • Grow time fertilizer- contains 25g of Bergman’s grow time fertilizer that helps protect your plants. This fertilizer helps with protection from diseases and improves soil health, resulting in stronger and healthier roots.  Its NPK ratio is 19:5:20, and it promotes better nutrient retention.
  • Flower time fertilizer- 200g of flowering fertilizer that helps the plant during the flowering stage. It has a high potassium concentration with an NPK ratio of 16:6:30. The high nitrogen levels encourage foliage growth, and the potassium levels help stimulate the plant to produce strong, potent buds. 

Start using this fertilizer once your plant starts blooming and use it throughout the flowering stage.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced marijuana grower, you can never underestimate the importance of nutrients to your plants. You have to make sure that your plants get the best marijuana nutrients available and that you take good care of them.

Visit our store today to shop for the best nutrients for marijuana plants for a healthier, more potent yield. You will not be disappointed!

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