Best Sativa Strains

Understanding the strongest and purest cannabis strains of sativa plants is important. The strongest plants generally require additional time to flower when compared to the purest of indica plants.

Despite this, the best and newest strains of sativa for 2021 offer you an excellent opportunity for growth. In addition to the purest strains of sativa offering you an extremely creative high, they are also excellent for ensuring the user enjoys an uplifting experience.

A lot of plants on the list for the best strains of sativa are very easy to grow. Growing your own weed may provide invaluable assistance from numerous medical issues such as anxiety relief. You can use a grow room or even your backyard for growing weed.

You may not be sure where to begin to grow the best possible strain of sativa. The good news is you can choose from the best selections of 2021.

You can find a lot of good information about the best indoor strains by visiting The top 10 strains are detailed below to help you make the best decision for your specific needs.

Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze provides an exceptional combination of sativa genetics. The THC content is high at 25 percent.


• Larger bud production
• Resistant to both disease and mold
• 90 percent sativa with 25 percent THC


• Requires as long as 11 weeks for flowering

Amnesia Haze has a reputation for the strongest content of THC. The sativa genetics are 90 percent pure. Numerous Cannabis Cups have been awarded due to the hard-hitting buzz and exceptional relaxing properties.

Amnesia Haze is a great choice for indoor growers. A maximum of 600 grams can be harvested for every square meter. The leaf to bud ratio is low with nuggets laden with THC and long limbs.

Production of Amnesia Haze is derived from plants in southeast Asia, Hawaii and Jamacia with pure sativa genetics. The plants are robust, with growth transforming them into goliaths.

The plant exudes oily resin, while being exceptionally resistant to both disease and mold. You will need to allow more time for Amnesia Haze to flower, but your results are more than worth the extra time.

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Sour Diesel Strain

One of the top quality sativas becoming available during the 1990s was Sour Diesel. The sativa cannabis strains have remained impressive for 2020. The genetic history of the plant can be traced back to Hawaiin, Shiva and Northern Lights.


• Production of resinous buds
• Branches are uniform
• Provides a hard-hitting and energetic high


• Might be smelly

If you are curious about the five best strains of sativa for 2018, visit Your text to link…. Sour Diesel is one of the most popular and heaviest strains of sativa. The pungent high is fast-acting, offering you bright green buds. Your best option is to grow the plant outside. Multi-pound bushes are often developed requiring control through topping or training.

The plant is native to the Emerald Triangle in California. Expert growers across the globe are familiar with this plant. The branches are large with buds appearing ten weeks after flowering. The resinous buds are stinky, so you will need fans to provide ventilation and control odor. Despite the growth requiring more time than some of the new hybrids, your harvest is ready nine weeks after flowering.

Sour Diesel grows quickly in comparison to other sativa types. The plant provides a scent of skunky diesel, and a maximum of 22 percent THC content. This is a good choice for relieving pain.

Jack Herer Strain

This plant was named after the marijuana activist and author Jack Herer. This is one of the purest strains of sativa you can find. For additional information on seed banks, visit Your text to link….


• The flavor is creme brulee
• THC content is above 20 percent
• Some plants finish in just eight weeks


• The often brittle trichomes can easily fall off

This is a stronger strain of sativa, ideal if you are interested in crystal-coated buds containing over 20 percent THC. This is a dominant strain, with flowering requiring eight to 12 weeks. This is dependent on the phenotypes in your seeds. You can grow Jack Here outdoors or indoors. Your yield will be high either way. The taste of the buds is a lot like creme brulee.

The flavor combines rich creamy texture with nutty flavors, and skunk and haze aftertones. Numerous awards have been received as one of the highest-quality choices for sativa weed. When grown outdoors, the yield is over 600 g/plant.

Strawberry Cough Sativa Strain

If you are looking for a good fruity strain of sativa without compromising strength, Strawberry Cough is an exceptional option.


• Strawberry fragrance
• 24 percent THC content
• Plant offers a uniform flavor


• Might not be mold resistant

You will have a lot of fun growing, smoking, and looking at Strawberry Cough. The buds produced by this plant turn vibrant shades of red and purple when flowering in cooler climates. The plant will tolerate moderate rainfall, but you need to keep an eye out for any mold. Strawberry Cough is one of the strongest strains of sativa on the entire list.

If you are interested in having your seeds shipped to the United States, visit Your text to link…. The fruity flavor is like a large bag of ripe strawberries. Strawberry Cough provides consistent and uniform batches, a great overall effect and a strong flavor. You will enjoy the THC content of 24 percent.

Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner is a dominant strain of sativa worth your consideration.


• The numerous phenotypes offer you vigorous growth
• High potency
• Production of sticky, heavy buds


• You must keep the plant dry while flowering

One of the most popular seeds throughout the United States is Bruce Banner. This sativa plant is known for potent, dark and dense buds. These cannabis strains are among the strongest with a THC content of almost 29 percent. Every bud offers numerous phenotypes and vigorous growth. The plant is dense, just like a lot of the other dominant strains.

When the flowering time is nearly complete, the leaves turn an amazing shade of magenta. This lets you know harvest time is getting close. The plant produces big yields of sticky, heavy buds. When Bruce Banner is flowering, you need to keep it in a dry environment, and out of the rain for the best bud production. Your product will be hashy, spicy and lemony, with a fantastic range of aromas and smells.

The effect of Bruce Banner never changes. You can count on a heady and euphoric high every single time.

Green Crack Strain

One of the most popular sativas for anyone interested in increasing their energy is Green Crack.


• Fast flowering time at 55 days
• Contains over 20 percent THC
• Buds are resistant to mold


• The strain could be more relaxing to smoke

Green Crack has become a favorite for both smokers and growers. The plant provides a THC content exceeding 20 percent and high energy. Green Crack is also exceptionally easy to grow. You can grow the plant outside or indoors with an extremely impressive flowering time of just 55 days. The yield stands out from other plants, with production as high as three kilograms for each plant.

Your hard work will be rewarded with stinky buds resistant to mold. The flavor is a combination of skunky and fruity. The most noticeable aromas include cedar, pineapple and mango. If you want to please a crowd, Green Crack is a great choice. This is one of the most popular sativa seeds of all time.

Maui Wowie Strain

You can thank Hawaii for Mowie Wowie. If you are an outdoor grower, this large plant is perfect.


• Top quality dank weed
• Ideal for the outdoors
• The plant can be grown in many different conditions


• The flowering may require up to 12 weeks

You will need to take care when harvesting Maui Wowie. If you harvest too fast, your yields will be low. If you are patient, you will be wowed by the yield. You can produce some exceptionally dank weed. You need to wait for up to 12 weeks until the flowering period is complete prior to harvesting. The wait is definitely worth your time.

Maui Wowie has become a legend. The taste of the fruity colas is similar to flowers and citrus. The heady high will make you feel like you are relaxing in the tropics.

Blue Dream Strain

If you are interested in an energetic effect with rock-hard nuggets, Blue Dream is a sensational choice.


• Mold resistance is good
• Fruity flavors
• Offers a high yield


• Plant can outgrow grow tents easily

You do not want to underestimate this strain of sativa. You must give Blue Dream enough room to sprawl. This plant will grow so vigorously, your grow room will not be able to contain it. When you make certain Blue Dream has enough room, it is one of the highest quality strains you can find. The plant is resistant to mold, and offers high yields of dense buds.

The genetics of Blueberry American and Haze sativa is contained in this strain. You receive top quality blueberry flavors and haze genetics. The THC content is high, with a good overall taste, sugar-coated buds, and an energetic feel.

Trainwreck Strain

This strain is an amazing combination of Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains of sativa seeds.


• Grows bushier in comparison to other sativas
• THC content up to 25 percent
• Scent of pepper and pine


• Flowering time requires up to 80 days

If you are interested in a strong strain of sativa, Trainwreck is the ideal option. The plant offers almost 90 percent sativa, and as much as 25 percent THC. The aggressive growth is fast with a bushy growth not common for sativa plants. The height is generally impressive. The yield produces a nice amount of unique buds in pale green with grey dapples. The smell is black pepper and pine. The heavy high you receive will eliminate any boredom.

Super Lemon Haze Strain

Despite being the last strain of sativa listed, Super Lemon Haze is worth your consideration. To learn more about sativa, please visit Your text to link….


• The taste of the buds is amazingly like lemons
• High yields
• THC content is above 20 percent


• Pruning and cleaning are required often

The growth of Super Lemon Haze is misleading due to the slow start. Patience will reward you with buds flavored with an incredible taste. This strain of sativa offers you a TCH content above 20 percent, a motivating high and an excellent fruity smoke. Experienced growers often choose Super Lemon Haze for all of these reasons.

All you need to do to cultivate this plant is give it healthy soil, a lot of high-intensity light, and provide nutrients for the vegetative state. The result is an excellent yield of as many as 1200 g/plant.

Purchasing Guide for the Best Sativa Strains

You may be thinking about growing marijuana. Your first step is becoming familiar with the basics you need to understand to grow the plants. Everything you need to know to ensure the growth of great sativa is outlined below.

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica

When you first begin searching for marijuana seeds on your journey, you may believe there is no difference among the different strains available. The truth is the differences between sativa and indica plants are substantial. You need to understand all of these differences. You will find indica cannabis plants in high-altitude areas such as India.

This means the plants will grow better in colder temperatures. The flowering time is faster, so the plants mature faster. The stature is shorter, offering a sedating and relaxing high suited for relieving pain, muscle spasms and anxiety. Indica is a good option if you have limited indoor growing space. The strain of sativa is native to areas close to the equator. The summers are lengthy, with mild winters.

This type of plant grows slower, but offers a more extensive growth. You will discover sativa grows better indoors. Managing the height outdoors can be extremely difficult. If you have gained experience as a grower, you may be interested in the numerous intricacies and strains of marijuana currently available. You may want to think about growing sativa plants right in your garden.

In addition to offering quicker vegetative growth, sativa can cope with a lot of heat. The exceptional qualities of sativa provide you with numerous pure characteristics. You may not be able to decide between sativa and indica seeds for your specific needs. In this instance, you can select a hybrid cannabis strain. The yield of hybrid plants offers you the best of both sativa and indica plants.

Every hybrid plant strain has slightly different genetics. Depending on which seeds you have chosen, the plants you grow can offer a good variety of relief for numerous symptoms. You can find seeds ideal for growing in nearly any conditions. To get an idea of the wide selection available, visit Your text to link….

Is Growing Sativa Better Outdoors or Indoors?

Although sativa can be grown successfully both outdoors and indoors, these plants have a reputation of being difficult to care for. If you grow your plants indoors, it will most likely be even more difficult. This does not mean you should not even try. A lot of individuals are growing the newest strains of sativa seeds inside due to the exceptionally high yields and very unique buds.

There are also people with issues such as nosy neighbors or environments making outdoor growing impossible. The good news is sativa plants can be grown indoors. All you need to do is think about your growing conditions a little more carefully. You will probably need to use an LED lighting system. You want to provide your plants with less heat, while ensuring a lot of light.

You need to avoid cold temperatures, or over-fertilizing your plants. Nitrogen toxicity and nutrient burn are both common if you use a typical application of nutrients. Once your plants have achieved a vigorous growth, stressing them is extremely difficult. You need to consider training your plants may be necessary to ensure a wide and flat growth throughout the vegetative state. Your plants will require thoughtful care and frequent pruning for the best possible results.

The Time For Harvesting Sativa Buds

You will need to allow as long as three months for sativa plants to flower. This process must be complete prior to harvesting.

During this time, your plants will require the standard routine of 12/12 light. This pattern ensures an even split between nighttime and daylight hours. There is some variety, so your plants may require even lengthier nights.

Once your harvest is approaching, there is a good chance your buds will be attempting self-pollination.

If your buds appear to be almost completely done and this occurs, you need to harvest. Your trichomes may never reach the amber color indicating the time is right for harvesting.

This can happen even after flowering for months. Even if your trichomes are still cloudy with only a few clears remaining, you can harvest.

The result will be the best possible psychedelic effect. Your buds should appear milky white. If you have some clears, you can achieve maximum potency.

You should make the investment for a high-quality bud trimmer. This will make harvesting your plants a lot easier.

Is Sativa the Right Choice for My Needs?

You will need to wait longer for pure strains of sativa to flower than pure indica. Despite this, the wait is definitely worth your time.

All you need for strong buds and the best yields is a little bit of patience. If you enjoy smoking weed throughout your days, you are most likely interested in a high enabling your most creative and productive work.

You really need to consider growing at least one of the 10 best strains of sativa weed available for 2020.

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