Best Seed Banks that Ship to the USA 2021

In this guide, you’ll find an overview of 30 of the best seed banks that ship to the USA in 2021. We wanted to give you as many options as possible, and cover as many great deals as we could find. So we did our best to add in as many seed banks as possible that we thought were worth a look.

For each one, we’ve followed a similar process. We’ve looked at the ordering process, what special deals and strains are available there at the time of writing, and given you a link to the store so you can visit quickly.

Instead of writing a lot about each one, we’ve kept it brief so that you can see the right information at-a-glance.

That way, you can keep this guide as a handy reference for the rest of the year, and even pass it around to your friends. So without taking up any more of your time, let’s get straight into it. 

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) 

This is one of the best seed banks that we think stands out head and shoulders above the rest. That’s why it’s our number 1 pick.

Shipping to the US is free, and the germination of any seeds you buy is guaranteed. It’s a well-established seed bank with a strong reputation and great customer service. And it stocks a wide range of feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

Some of their best deals right now are:

Stealth Shipping

ILGM offers discreet shipping so that nobody will know what you’ve bought or where it comes from except them and you. Shipping to any state within the USA is also free, and ILGM sends out shipments every day, which is another added bonus. 

ilgm seed bank shipping

Shipments are sent within 2 weekdays after ILGM receives your payment, although that depends on whether they have enough of your chosen strain in stock. If they don’t, they’ll work fast until they do.

You’ve also got the option to choose registered shipping for added peace of mind if you need it. On top of this, if your order gets lost in the mail, ILGM will send it to you again at no extra cost.

Payment Methods

ILGM accepts a wide range of payment methods if you live in the US. These include bank transfers via email, ACH or WIRE transfers, payment by check, or payment by Bill Pay. They do accept credit cards as well, although they advise you to pick a different method as most cannabis-related payments are declined.

Can you pay with Debit Card?


If you want the most secure method, you can also go down the old-fashioned route and send them cash in an envelope. ILGM hasn’t recorded a lost payment in over a year, and cash usually arrives within a fortnight.

ILGM Customer Service

Customer Support

ILGM takes great pride in delivering brilliant customer service to all of its customers. They have an email address that will reply to you within a 24-hour period on weekdays. It’s

However, there are other options too. You can fill out a contact form on their website, or use their online forum. This forum is well-moderated, has a lot of activity, and can help you answer any questions that you might have. It has sections on microbes, soil, hydroponics, and more. Growers worldwide comment there.

Shipping Time & Stealth Shipping

The shipping time for ILGM depends where you’re located, but there are some general deadlines you can rely on. The shipping time is between 2-10 business days for every state in the US. On average, orders take 4 days. Guaranteed delivery and international shipping.

It’s worth noting that they ship fertilizers separately from seeds, so if you have an order containing both, there’s no need to be concerned if only one turns up at first.

If you order strains that are out of stock, the shipping time may take longer because it will take longer to dispatch them from ILGM after your order has been placed.

Loyalty Program

Marijuana seed reviews

ILGM Reviews 

ILGM is highly recommended, with almost 4000 separate customer reviews on Trustpilot. The average review gives it 4.8 out of 5 stars, which speaks for itself. The website also features individual review pages for the different strains they offer. These review pages typically feature dozens to hundreds of positive reviews.


Every strain stocked in the ILGM store has photos that come directly from growers who are using seeds they bought from ILGM. That way, you can see exactly what you can expect from the seeds you buy. They can also help you compare your crops to what they’re supposed to look like, which helps.

Click here to order some of the best marijuana seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana.

MSNL Seed Bank


Another one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA is MSNL. It was started in the Netherlands in 1999 by 2 friends and has grown to offer 40 genetic lines in just 3 years.

Its main advantages include super-fast shipping and low prices, but they also have a very special deal where you get 5 free seeds with every single order.

Some of their other available deals at the moment include:

  • Do Si Dos Feminized 
  • Blue Cinderella 99 Fast Flowering 
  • Zkittlez Feminized 
  • Stardawg Feminized 
  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized 
  • Green Crack Feminized

Click here to visit the MSNL online store and buy marijuana seeds today.

Crop King Seed Bank

One of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada is Crop King Seeds, and it ships to the USA too. They have good customer service available 24/7, a range of payment options, and a germination guarantee of 80%.

Crop King Seeds

They also have a solid range of strains, and the seeds are in great condition when they arrive.

The best deals for marijuana strains currently listed on their website are:

  • White Widow Autoflower 
  • Purple Kush Feminized 
  • Gelato Feminized 
  • Lambs Breath Autoflower 
  • Northern Lights Autoflower 
  • Blue Cookies Feminized

Click here to buy some great marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds.

Weed Seeds Express

WeedSeeds Express Logo

The best marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA are usually well-known among growers, and that’s definitely the case with Weed Seeds Express.

Shipping to the US will be achieved within 5-15 days, which is a decent time. Their germination guarantee is 90%, also a good number. Their prices are low, and they have brilliant customer service.

Some of their best strains at the moment are:

  • Blueberry CBD Feminized 
  • Critical Feminized 
  • Diesel CBD Feminized 
  • OG Kush CBD Feminized 
  • Power Kush Feminized 
  • Super Glue Feminized

Click here to order a packet of seeds from Weed Seeds Express.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds are one of the best seed banks because of their large range of strains. They’re based in Europe and have spent more than a decade researching cannabis.

herbies seeds logo

Of course, they also sell seeds. They ship them fast to the USA and cover all the strains you could possibly want. Their germination guarantee is slightly on the low side, at 70%

Some of the most desired strains they currently feature are:

  • Grandmommy Purple Feminized 
  • Mimosa x Orange Punch Feminized 
  • Runtz Muffin Feminized 
  • Cookies Gelato Feminized 
  • Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized 
  • Bruce Banner #3 Feminized

Click here to buy from Herbies Seeds.

Seedsman Seed Bank

seedsman logo

Seedsman is one of the best marijuana seed banks because they have an amazing range of promotions and deals at good prices.

Beyond that, you’ll find they guarantee their deliveries, ship worldwide, and have a loyalty points program.

Some of those deals at the time of writing include:

  • Up to 6 free seeds with every order above $30 
  • 15% off your first order via Bitcoin 
  • Blue Dream Feminized 
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Feminized 
  • Larry Lemon OG Auto Feminized
  • L.A. Peyote Kush Feminized

Click here to browse the Seedsman store and see all their offers.

Gorilla Seeds Online Seed Bank

Gorilla Seeds stands out as one of the best marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA because of its positive customer reviews and the decades of experience its owners have.

gorilla seeds logo

Shipping is discreet, secure, and free – plus you’ll get free seeds depending on the total value of your order. You can even choose from a range of strains when you’re eligible for free seeds.

Some of their most valuable deals at the time of writing include:

  • Candy Kush 
  • Amphetamine Auto
  • The Incredible Bulk
  • West Coast OG Auto 
  • Auto Afghan Skunk 
  • Liberty Haze

Click here to buy marijuana seeds from Gorilla Seeds

Attitude Seeds 

attitude seed bank logo

When looking for the best marijuana seed banks, Attitude Seeds is not one to miss off your list. They can ship anywhere in the world, are respected among growers, and don’t charge a lot for their seeds.

They also claim to be the world’s largest cannabis seed store, but that’s for you to decide. Promotions on the site look enticing, and include the following:

  • Free Mont Blanc, White Lavender, Lemon Candy, and California Gold seeds when you spend over $60 
  • Critical Orange Punch 
  • Granddaddy Purple Seeds
  • Grape Kush
  • Rainbow Cake 
  • Super Lemon Haze

Click here to see their full list of promotions today.

Sensible Seeds

This immediately leaps out as one of the best seed banks because it has more than 3000 strains in its online store.

Sensible seeds logo

They also have a price match guarantee, are affordable anyway, and provide reasonable customer service.

In terms of the deals they offer on seeds, here’s what we found:

  • Purple Punch Feminized 
  • Blue Wizard Feminized 
  • Purple Lemonade Auto Feminized 
  • OG Kush Auto Feminized , a cannabis cup winner
  • Spend $70 on any seeds and get 5 free feminized seeds 
  • Spend $125 on any seeds and get 10 free feminized seeds

Click here to visit their website and buy the best cannabis seeds they offer.

MJ Seeds Canada 

MJ Seeds Canada

Despite the name, this store deserves a place as one of the best cannabis seed banks. That’s because they treat their customers well, sell some of the most in-demand strains, and ship all over the world very quickly.

They also provide a solid variety of payment options and make their deliveries discreetly. Concerning their best offers currently available, they include:

  • AK-47 Feminized 
  • White Widow Feminized 
  • Sweet Tooth Regular 
  • Super Silver Haze Feminized 
  • Strawberry Cough Feminized 
  • Amnesia Haze Feminized

Click here to browse their full range and make a purchase.

Growers Choice Seed Bank

This is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA because it has a 90% germination rate. They also compete to offer the best prices and provide speedy shipping throughout the US. Their collection is somewhat limited, but what do they provide is decent.

Growers Choice Seeds

Their best deals on weed strains at present are:

  • Diesel Feminized
  • Critical Purple Auto Feminized 
  • Gorilla Glue Auto Feminized 
  • Tangerine Dream Auto Feminized 
  • Pineapple Auto Feminized 
  • Chance to win up to $200 in free seeds if you sign up for their newsletter

Click here to check out the rest of their strains and find your favorites.

Sannies Seeds

Sannies Seeds Logo

Another choice among the best marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA is Sannies Seeds. The strains they feature on their website are among the best quality, and they treat their customers well too.

The shipping times are quick, and the only disadvantage is that payments aren’t taken by credit card. But they do include a wide range of free seeds with orders over $110.

Deals available on the site right now include:

  • Gelato Auto 
  • Jahlicious F2
  • Madscientist Regular 
  • Killing Fields F6
  • Strawberry Nuggets Auto
  • Sour Stomper

Click here to buy the best marijuana seeds on Sannies Seeds.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

This seed bank is one of the best cannabis seed banks based in the Netherlands. That’s because they offer a great germination guarantee with their top seed ranges.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

They also offer an excellent selection of promotions that covers feminized, autoflower, and high-THC seeds. Not many of the sites we’ve reviewed have a specific section for high-THC seeds, so this is worth noting.

Their top strains as of the time of writing are:

  • Blue Dream Xtrm Feminized 
  • Blueberry 420
  • Fruit Basket Feminized 
  • M.O.A.B – Mother Of All Buds Feminized 
  • New York Turbo Diesel Feminized 
  • Pineapple Express

Click here to buy seeds from AMS while these deals are still live.

Vancouver Seed Bank 

Vancouver Seed Bank

This seed bank gets included as one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA because their strains are intense and powerful. They’re rated as one of the top seed banks in Canada as well.

They feature more than 200 strains, so there’s almost guaranteed to be a strain that suits you. Their customer service is brilliant too.

The top strains and deals on their store include:

  • Auto Amnesia Feminized 
  • Auto Blueberry Feminized
  • Bubba Kush Feminized  
  • Dynamite Feminized 
  • Grapefruit Kush Feminized 
  • Island Sweet Kush

Click here to grab these strains while they’re still in stock.

Neptune Seed Bank 

Neptune Seed Bank has an online store with a generous amount of seeds, coming to 1,929 seed combinations spanning 100 different strains.

Neptune Seed Bank

They’re let down a little by their website design, which is quite overwhelming. But they do have a good range of deals and allow you to search their catalog.

Their best deals at the moment include the following:

  • Flypaper 
  • After Thought Autos
  • Pink Cloud 
  • Cheese Dog 
  • Kurious Orange
  • Neapolitan Swirl

Click here to take advantage of these great deals today.

Highgrade Seeds

highgrade seeds logo

One of the best seed banks for strains that are high-quality and in-demand is Highgrade Seeds. They also have free shipping within the USA, and they have a fair range of promotions for customers.

They also come with experience, having been in the market for 17 years, and on top of that, they have a nice website.

Some of their best deals at the time of writing include:

  • 10 Hawaiian Kona seeds on all orders below $100 
  • 4 free sets of any seeds on orders above $250 
  • MK-Ultra Feminized 
  • Acapulco Gold Regular 
  • White Fire OG Feminized 
  • Sherbet Feminized

Click here to purchase cannabis seeds from Highgrade Seeds.

BC Bud Depot

Another prestigious Canadian seed bank on our list, BC Bud Depot has won more than 35 Cannabis Awards. So it’s definitely one of the best marijuana seed banks.


Their germination guarantee is 90%, and they have an incredible 515+ strains to consider when shopping there.

They don’t have quite as many deals as some of the other seed banks, but there are some good ones, like:

  • 10% off Death Scout 
  • 10% off The Breath 
  • 10% off Dosi Cookies 
  • 10% off Girl Scout Gum 
  • Tangie Cookies 
  • BC God Bud

Click here to buy any of these strains from their online store.

Rhino Seeds

Rhino Seeds logo

Rhino Seeds are another great seed bank that comes with a price match guarantee, and they also stock strains from some of the best growers on the market. Shipping is worldwide, and they have a decent website too.

As soon as you visit, you’ll see the featured products section, which makes finding good deals quick and easy.

Some of those deals include:

  • Bubblegummer
  • The Widow 
  • Double Berry 
  • Pineapple Chunk 
  • Northern High Lights 
  • Free shipping on orders over $140

Click here to see their featured products and choose what you like the most.

Expert Seeds 

Expert Seeds have a small range of strains to pick from, at 31+, but the ones they do have are decent and they’re easy to find on the website. They’re relatively new, but their owners have been in the business for 15 years.

expert seed logo

However, they do have some areas they can improve in, like how long shipping takes and providing a germination guarantee.

The top offers on their site currently are these:

  • 15% off your first order 
  • Sweet Zombie 
  • Glueberry Auto 
  • Expert Gorilla Auto 
  • Amnesia Haze 
  • Fruit Salad Bulk

Click here to make the most of these special offers today.

Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds logo

Cannabis Seeds are one of the best cannabis seed banks because they carry 47 of the best strains available in their store. They also offer them at terrific prices, so they’re definitely worth a visit. However, they don’t have a large range of payment methods.

They do have some exciting deals at the moment, such as:

  • Buy one get on free on feminized seeds – 12 for the price of 6 
  • 300 feminized seeds – 100 White Widow, 100 Himalayan Gold, 100 Silver Haze
  • Original Misty 
  • Eclipse 
  • Red Devil 
  • Black Domina

Click here to get these deals while they’re still on the site.

i49 Seed Bank

If you’re looking for some discreet shipping, then you’ll want to consider i49. They have an 80% germination guarantee and they’ll give you the choice of more than 400 seeds.

i49 seed bank

They could do better with customer service, but they do have product reviews and decent deals.

Some of the deals they have include:

  • Granddaddy Purple Feminized 
  • Blue Dream Feminized 
  • Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized
  • White Widow Feminized 
  • Wedding Cake Feminized
  • 4 free Auto AK47 Feminized seeds with your first order if you give them your email and phone number

Click here to buy any of these strains now.

True North

True North seed bank

This is one of the best seed banks based in Canada because they offer pleasant promotions for their customers.

If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get 30% off of your next order and be entered into a draw to win free seeds with $100 every month.

They’ve also got some other deals right now too, like:

  • 25% off plus 1 free Cement Shoes, Do-Si-Dos Feminized, and Blueberry Feminized when you buy with Bitcoin 
  • 30% off any seeds from Barney’s Farm 
  • Auto NL x BB Feminized
  • Quarter Pounder Auto Feminized 
  • Gelato Auto Feminized 
  • Tutankhamon Feminized

Click here to visit True North and buy cannabis seeds.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

For a different type of seed bank entirely, you’ll want to try out Homegrown Cannabis. They have a great range of strains, as well as more than 30 that they’ve created themselves.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Deliveries are discreet, you can pay with many options, and their germination rate is 80%

Some of their best deals are these:

  • Various 12-packs for just $99, including Critical Blue Feminized and Gold Leaf Feminized
  • Shishkaberry Kush Feminized 
  • Northern Lights x Cinderella 99 Feminized
  • Star Killer Feminized 
  • Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Feminized 
  • Black Jack Autoflower

Click here to buy these brilliant offers from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds logo

This seed bank was founded by a team of growers with many years of experience. They don’t stock specialist strains, but they focus on making the best versions of the strains that most people want.

They offer fast and secure delivery to the USA and have a decent range of deals too.

Here are some of the most popular deals on their site:

  • Auto Gorilla Glue Feminized 
  • AK-39 Feminized 
  • QC Black Gold Fast Feminized 
  • Auto Blueberry Feminized 
  • Blue Minto Feminized 
  • Quebec Gold 2.0 Feminized

Click here to pick between these great strains today.

Ministry Of Cannabis

Another alternative is the Ministry of Cannabis. They’re one of the best seed banks based outside of the US or Canada. They’re based in Spain and will ship worldwide. They also have a guarantee to ensure your seeds arrive.

Ministry Of Cannabis

They’ve been in the business for 15 years and delivery can be expected within 2 days, which is super-fast. Good customer service is also a key priority for this seed bank.

Top deals on their site include:

  • Auto Blue Amnesia Feminized 
  • Mandarin Haze Feminized 
  • Auto Northern Lights Feminized 
  • Big Bud XXL Feminized 
  • Auto Cannabis Light Feminized 
  • Auto White Widow Feminized

Click here to get high-quality marijuana seeds from Ministry Of Cannabis.

High Supplies 

high supplies cannabis logo

High Supplies have been in business since 2006, and operate out of the Netherlands. They’ve become very popular among growers worldwide, and stock a comprehensive list of cannabis strains.

They have a well-made website that allows you to search through all their strains, and they back up their deliveries with guarantees. They also have a handy list of their bestsellers on the front page.

Their most interesting deals at present are:

  • Amnesia Feminized 
  • Lowryder Auto
  • Pineapple Express Auto 
  • Purple Power Feminized 
  • Ice Feminized 
  • Cheese Feminized

Click here to make the most of these great offers at High Supplies.

Pacific Seed Bank

The biggest benefit you’ll find at this seed bank is that their discreet shipping option is free. That’s a great bonus if you’re privacy-conscious when buying marijuana.

Pacific Seed Bank

The shipping is fast, their website is simple, and they also have a great germination guarantee which helps give peace of mind. 

In terms of deals available on the site, they have a range covering various seed types, and these include:

  • Sweet Dream Feminized
  • Venus OG Auto Feminized 
  • Manitoba Poison Feminized 
  • Strawberry Milkshake Feminized 
  • Bear Dance Auto Feminized 
  • Diamond Valley Kush Feminized

Click here to buy strains from Pacific Seed Bank today.

GTA Seed Bank

GTA Seed Bank

GTA Seed Bank immediately stands out because they offer more than 750 cannabis strains, which means you’ll have plenty to choose from. They ship across the world, and the strains they sell are chosen for their quality. 

Their website is quite plain and difficult to navigate, but it does contain all the relevant information.

The deals they currently have are:

  • Auto Planet Of The Grapes 
  • Princess Haze XX 
  • Rosetta Stone 
  • Lemon Pie 
  • Gelatomo 
  • Gorilla Cookies

Click here to buy their cannabis seeds.

Elev8 Seeds 

Elev8 Seeds are worth a mention for their great customer service and the attention they pay to their customers. Their website is designed with the customer in mind as well, and they also stock high-quality seeds.

Elev8 Seeds

They’ve spent time comparing strains with each other to choose which ones they’d like to stock.

Some of the most eye-catching deals they have at the moment are:

  • Sour Apple Kiss
  • Huckleberry Fritter 
  • Baked Apple Cherries 
  • Quarantine Buddy 
  • Forbidden Melon 
  • Punch Cake

Click here to buy one or more of these strains from Elev8.

Dutch Seeds

dutch passion seeds logo

Finally, at the bottom of our list, Dutch Seeds. They’ve had quite a few issues and don’t come with many recommendations, but we still think they’re worth a look so you can decide for yourself.

They have over 250 varieties of cannabis, which is a fair amount for customers to pick from, and they also offer high-yield seeds.

Some of their best available deals right now are:

  • Strawberry Banana Feminized
  • Rainbow Kush Feminized 
  • Ice Cream Cake Feminized 
  • Gorilla Glue Feminized 
  • Pink Runtz Feminized 
  • 5 free seeds on every order over $100

Click here to buy marijuana seeds from Dutch Seeds.

FAQ About Seed Banks that Ship to the US

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  • What is the best seed bank to buy from in the United States?
  • What is the best seed bank for feminized seeds?
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  • What are the best seed banks in Europe?
  • Does a seed bank ship internationally?


There you have it. 30 different seed banks all with unique deals for you to choose from. We recommend that you choose one that’s nearer the top of the list because they’re the ones that are the best of the best.

This list should be good for the rest of 2021, although some of the deals may change depending on when you’re reading this.

The best way to make you decide to visit each website that stands out the most for you, and see if you like what you find there. 

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