Cherry Diesel Strain: Cannabis Review

Cherry Diesel is a hybrid strain that is known for its characteristic unforgettable smell and intense energizing effects. This is an interesting marijuana strain that is worth a closer look into if you want to experience its maximum effects. So let us follow along for a Cherry Diesel strain review so you know what you are getting when growing and using this strain.

Origin of Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel was first bred by MTG Seeds by crossing the Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel strains. This parentage is why Cherry Diesel is often called Cherry Turbo Diesel. It has properties that are half indica and half sativa. Cherry Diesel has 15% THC and less than 0.5% CBD. It is thus highly potent, making it a favorite among beginner and seasoned users.

Cherry Diesel Strain Seed Properties

Plant type50% Indica 50% Sativa
CBDInsignificant amount
Grow DifficultyModerate
ClimateSemi-humid | Mediterranean
Plant SizeMedium
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
Yields10-12 oz/ m2 indoors, 12 oz per plant

Growing Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel is reportedly an easy plant to grow, but it requires attention and might be more suited to intermediate or expert growers. Here are a few guidelines on how best to grow this strain.

What Climate Does It Grow Best In?

Cherry Diesel requires predictable conditions devoid of extremes. It thrives in airy spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. This plant loves the sun but will do just as well in well-lit, spacious indoor rooms where it is protected from the elements. Indoor growing is required unless you can guarantee a few months of warm temperatures for the herb to grow and produce a harvest.

Growing Cherry Diesel Strain
Growing Cherry Diesel Strain

Feeding Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel is a variant that requires a lot of time dedicated to tending it. This plant needs nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Keep to a feeding schedule and flush it with pH-balanced water anytime you notice signs of a nutrient burn. Make sure to trim errant steams to prevent overwhelming and breaking the branches of the herb.

Flowering and Yield

Cherry Diesel will start flowering around 2 months after it is planted. The buds of this herb are dense and sticky, with a strong earthy scent. The flowers are light green with sparse, orange pistils known for their dense network of trichomes. Cherry Diesel will yield up to 12oz per square meter if grown indoors, and 12oz per plant if grown outdoors.

Experiencing Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel users report feeling a euphoric high that eases the mind and helps them relax. It is thus a good strain to use if you often have to fight negative thoughts, whether because of depression or PTSD. 

Cherry Diesel Bud
Cherry Diesel Bud

Additionally, Cherry Diesel helps your brain formulate more positive thoughts, and is great to use if you have a long day ahead or just need a pick-me-up after a tough day. It is also a popular strain for those with chronic pain as the high promotes muscle relaxation that eases aches. 

Since Cherry Diesel is very energizing, it is suitable for smoking in social settings to recharge your social battery.

Cherry Diesel Taste & Smell

As the name suggests, Cherry Diesel has a very noticeable and memorable taste. It has hints of citrus combined with the sweetness of cherry. Cherry Diesel will leave a sour, sticky aftertaste in your mouth that will feel very pleasurable as you experience the strain’s high.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds

Buying quality seeds from reputable and licensed seed banks is the first step to guaranteeing that your Cherry Diesel plant has high chances of giving you good yields. Feminized seeds are better for outdoor growing since they require up to 12 hours of sunlight before blooming. 

These are more suited to experienced growers who can easily fulfill the requirements to get it to the flowering stage. If you are a beginner grower, Cherry Diesel autoflower seeds guarantee you a good bloom for a good yield.

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