The Fastest Way to Dry Weed

Growing weed has many stages, and it’s essential to learn about all of them. One of the stages that often isn’t emphasized is drying the weed. It harms your plants if this isn’t done correctly, plus you won’t experience potent effects or be able to sell it for as much as you’d budgeted for. That can be a big disappointment if you’ve spent a long time helping your plants to grow

Taking care of your weed plants isn’t enough to counteract the effects of not drying them correctly, but luckily you can learn about the fastest way to dry out the weed by reading this article. It will tell you what you need to know. 

One of the most critical points to remember is that you’ll need to be quick, especially if you’re coming to the end of the growing season and winter is setting in. Thankfully, there are many ways to dry weed fast, and we’ll be going through all of them here. Once you know about the fastest way to dry weed buds, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your buds are taken care of. 

Some of the sections we’ll cover include why growers should dry their weed, the best conditions for drying it, and some of the steps during and after the drying process. We’ve added what we can about each element, but we only want to provide a basic overview. That way, you can take this information and get started as soon as possible.
After you’ve finished reading the article, you can take notes or bookmark it so that you can use it when you’re growing your weed. All that’s left now is to read for the next few minutes, and you’ll be ready to buy some marijuana seeds and get growing.

Drying Weed
Drying weed

Reasons to Dry Weed

Drying out your weed is a no-brainer, but it might not be evident to you why that is. In this section, we’ll uncover the reasons that growers cite when they dry weed. You can build your understanding before finding out the fastest way to dry out weed plants.

Weed that’s dried out will benefit you in the following ways: 

  • The taste will be deeper and more satisfying 
  • The scent will be strong and powerful 
  • The texture of the weed buds will feel nicer, thanks to the chlorophyll being broken down 
  • The weed will be more potent than it ever could be if it’s not dried 
  • The weed’s quality will improve, meaning fewer adverse side effects 

Each benefit takes place simultaneously, so you’re not just getting one of these advantages. You’re getting all of them. 

That’s why weed growers are so keen on drying their weed. Now that you know this, we’ll move onto what conditions you need to create to dry your weed. These will allow you to estimate how much time and effort you’ll have to put in when it comes to drying your weed, regardless of the method you choose to use. 

Ultimate result of drying weed
Ultimate result of drying weed

Conditions for Drying Your Weed

The fastest way to dry weed will only be achievable if you have the conditions necessary to dry out the weed. That means you’ll need to focus on doing this before you even begin the drying process. It’s worth the preparation, for the reasons we’ve provided above. Plus, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement once it’s all over.

The most important steps involve the placement of your weed after the growing process is complete. The area where dried weed should be kept must be cool, ventilated, and dry. Temperatures shouldn’t exceed 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures damage weed plants by drying them too fast. 

Humidity is closely related to temperature and is an important indicator to measure as well. You can use an instrument like a hygrometer to keep track of it in the grow room that you’re using. If it’s challenging to keep it at appropriate levels, you may need to invest in a ventilation system. There are many options available online, and you should do your research to find out which are the best ones for you. 

If you live in a climate that’s inhospitable for weed plants, then you should attempt to store the weed indoors as much as you can. You may have an area of your house that’s generally warmer or can be heated up. Examples would include a garage or basement. These are far better options compared to outdoor storage. 

Drying weed indoors
Drying weed indoors

How Weed Is Dried

The fastest way to dry fresh weed is something that every grower should know about, and it’s something we’ll be exploring shortly. It’s not a shortcut to success, but it will significantly increase your chances of growing great weed. Growers have worked on drying methods for a long time, and they’ve come a long way. 

This is excellent news for you because it means you don’t have any guesswork to do. You can follow what others have done and get the same results as long as you follow them carefully. We’ve covered approaches known to other growers already, so you get a good range of methods you can try. 

However, weed is not good when it’s dried too quickly. There is a limit when it comes to speed. Weed that’s dried super fast can taste poor compared to weed dried with other methods and make the whole process seem a waste of time. When you’re trying to get a quick result, it can also cause you to lower your standards, and that can cause problems of its own. 

The fastest way to dry out weed plants is set out below, and we’ve given you the most important information about the process. We’ve then given you a series of alternative options so that you can use these if the main method is not for you. 

Dry weed
Dry weed

The Fastest Way to Dry Weed

We’ve now reached the section where we can reveal the fastest way to dry weed. It involves two things – brown paper bags and computer fans. These might seem like a bizarre combination that couldn’t possibly get the results you want, but the opposite is true. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it doesn’t cause any problems for your weed. 

To get hold of the paper bags, you can simply visit a local store, order them online, or find them around the house. They’re very common, and that’s what makes this the fastest way to dry fresh weed. All you need to do is take your weed and stuff it into the bag. No need to seal it, as you can just lay it flat. Then you can leave it for a while. 

When you do lay it flat, after a brief rest period for the weed, you can place it in a convenient location and leave it. But that wouldn’t make this method very fast. What does is the addition of a computer fan. Take your laptop and place it on a table, and then place the bags next to it. After that, lay a paper towel underneath the bag and turn on your laptop.

Computer fans produce warm air, but not at very hot temperatures or very high speeds. That way, it dries your weed without damaging the buds. But there is a part of the process where you need to be involved, and that’s when it comes to turning the buds. 

The whole of each bud must get dried, and they can’t do that if they’re in one position. Turning them every 10 minutes is ideal. This whole process should take an hour, and then you can move on to storing the weed.

Drying weed in jars
Drying weed in jars

Other Methods for Drying Weed

There are many other ways to dry weed, even though they’re not the fastest way to dry fresh weed. None of them are slow, but most of them take a little more time than the method we’ve outlined above. 

Boiler Room 

A boiler room might seem an unusual place to store your weed, but it’s actually a great option. The reason is that it’s naturally warm in the boiler room. You can rely on the consistent heat in the boiler room to dry out your weed. A bonus of boiler rooms is that they typically don’t have high humidity levels. 

You can use the same paper bags we mentioned in the previous method and simply leave them lying around for a few days. Or you can use some string and tie the buds up inside the boiler room if you haven’t got the space to leave bags of weed around. 

Weed that’s dried in a boiler room doesn’t reduce potency either, which is a common side effect of many of the methods we’ve outlined below. But you will need to pay higher bills for a while, as the boiler room will need to stay warm for the whole time your weed buds are in there. 

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An oven might seem like an extreme option when it comes to drying weed, and it’s the second-fastest way to dry weed buds. Despite this, we’ve ranked it below the boiler room and computer fan options because of the risks. If you turn up your oven too high or leave the weed too long, it will burn. 

Weed that’s oven-dried can flake apart easily, too, which will be a nuisance. More than that, the crucial cannabinoids that make weed what it is can be lost in the drying process with an oven. Taste is not as nice as other methods, but it’s acceptable. 

If you want to dry your weed buds in an even, all you need to do is preheat the oven, grab a tray, spread out your weed nuggets, and leave them for 10 minutes. The temperature should be 125-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to turn them over halfway through. That gives you the best chance to make them dry evenly. 


An alternative to drying your weed using heat is to dry it with a freezer. What happens is the moisture that’s left on the buds of weed will crystallize and can be sucked off using a mild vacuum cleaner.

When you freeze-dry your weed, you’ll find that cannabinoids and terpenes are unaffected, which is a significant advantage. Your weed will also become stronger and more able to resist poor conditions. You’ll need to pay to buy a freezer if you don’t have one, and you’ll need to keep a close eye on the weed. 


You can also use the power of the sun itself to ensure your weed is dried out. It’s not the fastest way to dry weed buds, but it will get the job done. However, you’ll need to live in a warm climate with plenty of sunshine for this to work. If you do, then you should have no problem taking advantage of this method.

The way to use the sun is to grab a paper bag, as with some other methods, and place the weed buds into it. Then you can leave it for a while, and the sun will dry the moisture. It’s vital that your buds are kept apart in the bag and don’t press against the sides. 

Once you’ve dried your weed with this approach, the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes will be lower. But if you haven’t got other options or don’t want to pay out costs, then it’s ideal. 


The final alternative to be discussed is hanging your weed. It’s straightforward and effective. All you need to do is get a clothesline in a dark, cool location and peg your weed to the line. The temperature will need to be kept at 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, but you should have no problems if this is done. 

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Methods You Should Avoid

We’ve now covered the fastest way to dry out weed, as well as a range of other options. Now is the time to look at methods that you definitely don’t want to be using. These will more than likely harm your plant, despite any reasons you might have for using them. 


A microwave might seem as if it’s just like putting your weed in an oven, but it can be even more volatile. Microwaves heat food differently from ovens, and the same is the case when you put weed in the oven. Plus, if you set the wrong temperature or mode on the microwave, it could take just seconds to ruin your weed. If you do put your weed in a microwave, it will require frequent turning. 


If you’re tempted to use a hairdryer on your weed, that might be because you think it has the same effect on it as it would on your hair. But that’s only the case if you’re very careful, plus it takes a lot longer. The fastest way to dry fresh weed with a hairdryer still takes at least an hour, and you’ll need to have your hairdryer switched on the entire time. 

You also run the risk of your hair dryer burning out, using too much electricity, or being a safety hazard for any children or pets that are around. 

Gas or Electric Heaters

These might seem like safer options. They’re not the fastest way to dry weed, and you can control the temperature quickly. However, they do have some problems that you should be aware of. Weed can be overheated and eventually become worthless. It’s fine if the temperature is appropriate, but it’s challenging to maintain a steady temperature. 

Sometimes heaters only work out to a certain radius. Put simply, that means weed closer to them will dry out, and weed further away will not.

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How to Cure Weed

If you hadn’t heard of curing weed before, now you have. It takes out the moisture in your weed buds and dries them thoroughly. The difference is it’s a little more specialized than just drying your weed. It works through the use of sealed jars. 

Alternatives like ziplock bags won’t provide a good enough seal against moisture and make the effort worthless. To make weed suitable for curing, you’ll need to take the buds off the stalks, trim the leaves, and put what’s left into the jars. Once done, shaking your jars is a good practice because it stops the weed buds from clumping together. 

But be careful not to leave your jars for too long. Checking them regularly is essential over the next two weeks so that mold doesn’t grow. The best way to test it is to smoke it and figure out whether it gives the effects and has the flavors you desire. Once you’ve done this, most of the moisture will be gone. Some will remain for a few months, but you can get the biggest results within a few weeks of curing. 

How to Store Weed

After you’ve made use of the fastest way to dry out weed plants, you’ll want to keep that weed safe and secure until you’re ready to use it. The best way to do that is by storing it properly. This allows you to ensure the weed retains what you most like about it, including the cannabinoids, flavor, terpenes, and scent. 

Storing weed is best done in a dark room. Otherwise, cannabinoid levels will decrease rapidly. Keeping it in a fridge is one option because THC levels will be maintained. However, if you put the weed in a refrigerator, you’ll need to keep it in tightly sealed jars so that mold doesn’t grow. 

You won’t be able to keep weed forever in this state, but it should last for at least a few months and potentially a year or more. That means if you grow a lot of weed, you’ll have the option to store it. 

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Before we wrap up this article, we thought we’d include a few marijuana seed strains that you can get started with. These will help you to start growing marijuana ready to be dried a couple of months later, and they’re all excellent quality too. 

In this guide, we’ve covered the fastest way to dry weed, as well as some other options you might like to explore and some methods you shouldn’t explore. We’ve also covered some extra details about the process of drying weed, curing weed, and storing weed. 

You can find more information about any of these methods online, but this information should be enough to see which ones you like the most and which ones don’t interest you. 

If you’re unsure about any of the methods here, then you might like to test some out on a few weed plants and see which ones get you the best results. We’ve included a few marijuana strains above, but if you want to buy them from a good source, here’s what to do: 

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