Gold Leaf Strain

The Gold Leaf Autoflower strain is one of the most popular herbs. It was created by Robert Bergman, who is an expert in growing weed. His creation strikes all the right cords with users all around the world.

The strain is made up of 60% Indica and 40% sativa. It contains about 21% of both THC and CBD. This makes it a powerful blend that combines the relaxation and healing powers of marijuana perfectly.

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What to Expect with the Gold Leaf Autoflower Strain?

This herb has an outstanding taste and smell. If you like an earthy, diesel, piney yet somewhat sweet flavor, this is just the strain for you. After smoking, you will be left with a pleasant aftertaste.

The weed has a trademark pungent smell. Even as you choose a place to grow it, be sure to account for the less-than-pleasant stench it produces. You don’t want visitors in your home to be greeted by this aroma, do you?

After smoking the weed, you should expect to have an instant high. The grass will make you chatty and giggly if you take it in small amounts. The herb causes euphoria and ignites mental creativity of remarkable proportions when taken in large doses.

However, you may also have to deal with some mild side effects after smoking a blunt. Some of the most common ones include dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, dizziness, and in rare cases, mild paranoia.

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Because of its extremely high CBD content, this weed strain also has various medical benefits. It provides much-needed pain relief to those who suffer from chronic pain. If you also suffer from anxiety, the weed strain can help you to feel relaxed.

This weed strain is also a great tool for managing depression. Because it induces relaxation, it can be used to treat insomnia as well. You can even smoke it in small amounts to ease fatigue.

After smoking this weed, it is not uncommon for people to experience hunger. This can be particularly helpful to those who suffer from loss of appetite or eating disorders.

If you often feel sluggish during the day, you can take some of this herb to boost your energy levels. The pleasant feelings it produces will also help you get through a rough day without much struggle.

How to Store Gold Leaf Autoflower Seeds?

If you decide to grow your weed, you may find that you have some leftover Gold Leaf Autoflower Cannabis seeds that you need to save for later use. It is essential to store the seeds correctly to ensure their viability.

The rule of thumb when it comes to weed seed storage is that you must keep the seeds in a cool, dark and dry place. Light, fluctuations in temperature and moisture trigger premature germination of the Gold Leaf Autoflower Cannabis seeds. This means that by the time you are ready to plant them, they will have used up all their nutrients and will not be able to sprout.

For short term storage, a dark cupboard or a refrigerator will work just fine. For long term storage, it is best to freeze your Gold Leaf Autoflower seeds. Frozen seeds remain viable for years.


Gold Leaf Autoflower weed is one of the best strains. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that many people want to grow their herbs.

If you wish to plant some of this weed, start by getting good quality Gold Leaf Autoflower Marijuana seeds. Your grass will only be as good as the seeds it sprouts from.

Reach out to us at Grow Weed Australia to get your supply of Gold Leaf Autoflower Marijuana seeds. We are one of the best seed banks in the country, and we know that you will love our weed.

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