Yellow Spots on Weed Plant Leaves: Causes and Treatment

Yellow Spots on Weed

Why Are There Yellow Spots on Weed? When growing cannabis, yellow leaves are a sign that something is wrong. If your plant happened to turn yellow, you’d want to take action immediately. Otherwise, it could jeopardize your entire harvest. Fortunately, as long as you catch it early, treating these conditions isn’t all that complicated. However, … Read more

What Are the Best Bubble Bags for Making Hash

Best Bubble Bags for Making Hash

If you have been smoking for long enough, you’ve probably heard about hash before. Suppose you’ve never gotten the chance to try it, though. When those are the shoes you occupy, there is only one course of action that makes any sense. From our point of view, you must try some. Typically, it will be … Read more

Best Small Grow Tent


This Year’s Best Small Grow Tent If you’d like to start growing, then you’ll need a place to put your plants. Otherwise, your dreams will never come to fruition. For that reason, we’ve put together something that’s a little special. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate our hard work. Certainly, we believe you’ll benefit from it. Tonight, you … Read more

How to Grow Weed From Seeds

how to grow weed from seed

From coast-to-coast, people are eager to learn how to grow weed from seeds. As more states continue to legalize the practice, beginners are flocking to the stores as they buy supplies. Still, it would help if you knew the basics. Otherwise, your first attempt might not result in a very satisfying harvest. By following our … Read more

Our Favorite Purple Weed Strains for This Year


How long have you been growing cannabis? As soon as you meet another person who is interested in this industry, it’s difficult not to ask that question. Of course, following their response, the next topic of choice will always be your favorite strain. On that topic, we’ve collected a few of our favorite purple buds. … Read more

Best Strains for Female Arousal

Best Strains for Female Arousal

So, if you are relatively new to smoking, you may not know its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Nevertheless, around the world, cultures have been using it for these purposes since time immemorial. Now, it might be the right time for you to recognize its divine purpose. If you’d like to see its true potential, then … Read more

High Yielding Indoor Strains

High Yielding Indoor Strains

Are you ready to start growing your own cannabis? If so, you’ll love some of the following high yielding indoor strains. We have hand-selected each of them. That way, you can go straight to the best yielding members of the species. By working with these seeds, you’ll avoid many headaches. Since these produce such great … Read more

Best Autoflower Seed Banks Online

Best Autoflower Seed Bank

When you are growing cannabis, you must adjust the lights appropriately. Unless you do this, then the flowers will never grow. However, there is another way for you to trigger the plants to flower. By using auto-flowering seeds, this process will trigger automatically. For that reason, it tends to be much easier To use these … Read more

How Much Weed Can You Produce With a Single Plant

how much weed does a plant produce

When you are growing cannabis, tons of factors impact your overall yield. Therefore, it’s difficult to give a precise answer for the amount you should expect from a particular plant. However, on average, you can use the wattage of your lighting to calculate a projected yield. Generally, this should arrive at something close to your … Read more

Strongest Marijuana Strains

Strongest Marijuana Strains

When you are ready to start growing, you’ll want to work with the best and strongest marijuana strains available. Therefore, we’ve done the hard work for you. Instead of doing the research yourself, you can rely on the following list. Within it, you will find the strongest marijuana strains from this year. Each of them … Read more