High Yielding Indoor Strains

Are you ready to start growing your own cannabis? If so, you’ll love some of the following high yielding indoor strains. We have hand-selected each of them. That way, you can go straight to the best yielding members of the species.

By working with these seeds, you’ll avoid many headaches. Since these produce such great yields, the size of your harvest will be astonishing. For that reason, we believe these are some of the best deals on the market.

Nevertheless, everyone will have a personal favorite. For us, we prefer a balanced hybrid. However, not everybody will feel the same way. Therefore, we’ve included a variety in the following list.

Cheese Quake Strain

Cheese Quake Strain

First and foremost, you’ll appreciate the smell of this plant. It is true to its name. Immediately, you can feel the notes of cheese on the air. However, there’s more than a delightful scent for you to enjoy.

Hybrid Strain:

Although there are two species of cannabis, most growers tend to work with hybridized strengths. By working with hybrids, you can enjoy the benefits of both species. Plus, the final result will have a more balanced profile.

High Thc Levels:

Suppose you want a large harvest with high THC levels. If that is the case, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better strain than this one. Once it’s harvest time, you’ll know what we mean.


Sometimes, the strain will be dominated by a particular effect. In some instances, this is desirable. Still, most of the time, we prefer a balanced profile. With this strain, you will get that reliably.

Quick Harvest:

Besides, it does not take long for this plant to reach maturity. By the time you’re done planting, it’ll already be time for you to harvest. If you do not like waiting, there aren’t many better options.

Minimal CBD:

On top of that, you’ll have a strain without large quantities of CBD. While some people enjoy CBD, plenty of people would prefer a plant without any. By using this strain, you can meet their demands.

Cheese Quake Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC Levels:up to 18%
Effects:Uplifting and Euphoric
Taste and Smell:Sweet and Sour
Difficulty to Grow:Entry-Level

Critical Mass Strain

At first glance, this new contender might not seem all that noticeable. However, experienced growers quickly realize how different this is from other species. Although there is a slight dominance, these plants are relatively balanced overall. Therefore, you can expect it to please most palettes.

Critical Mass Strain

Great Yields With Indoor Growing Techniques:

If you’d like a massive harvest, we suggest growing this strain indoors. It tends to perform the best in a stable environment. As long as you can provide one, your harvest will be more abundant than you thought possible.

Less Than 2 Months to Harvest:

Not only is the harvest abundant, but it is also relatively rapid. Within less than two months, it will be time for you to start collecting the fruits of your labor. Once you’re done, everyone will want a part of it.

Moderate THC Concentrations:

In some instances, you’ll want to plant with lower concentrations of THC. If that were to be the case, you would love this strain. Since it’s got to lower THC concentrations, its effects are far less in your face.

Great for Medicinal Benefits:

Thanks to the lower levels of THC, the medicinal benefits of this thing shine. Once you administer it, you’ll feel the relief within moments. Plus, it doesn’t smell half bad either. Overall, this is one of the most relaxing strains we’ve ever gotten the chance to try.

Critical Mass Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:65% Indica 35% Sativa
THC Levels:6 – 9%
Taste and Smell:Pungent and Earthy
Difficulty to Grow:Moderate

Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue Strain

Finally, we’ve got a more recognizable name to put on this list of highest yielding indoor strains. Suppose you want a hybridized strain. Typically, one species will be more dominant than the other. However, in this case, the hybridization is perfectly balanced. Therefore, your final product will be as well.

Perfect Hybrid:

While other strains claim to be hybrids, this one is a perfect hybridization. Thanks to its unique genetics, it will be hard for you to find anything comparable. Therefore, if you’d like a great hybrid strain, this would probably be the best one to try.

High THC Concentrations:

To top things off, the THC levels in this strain are off the charts. Compared to other plants, it is among the most powerful strains on the market. With concentrations up to 26%, very few strains will ever come close to this one.

Couch-Locking Effects:

Because of its insane THC concentrations, you won’t have to use very much to feel it. As soon as you try it, you’ll be locked into the couch. Tons of people love the way it feels to melt as they are watching television. If that sounds like fun, we suggest trying this one out. Chances are you’ll love it.

Relatively Low Levels of CBD:

Besides high THC concentrations, you’ll have few other cannabinoids competing for your receptors. Since the CBD concentrations are low, the only thing you will feel is the THC. Most of the time, that’s just what people would like.

Gorilla Glue Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:50% Indica 50% Sativa
THC Levels:Up to 26%
Taste and Smell:Cheese and Pine
Difficulty to Grow:Easy

Northern Lights Strain

Suppose you’d like to have a plant that’s almost entirely one strain. If that is the case, we recommend looking at this species. Thanks to its lineage, one species is far more dominant than the other.

That way, you can create a specialized product. In some instances, your customers would prefer something a little special. By all means, grow some of this.

Northern Lights Strain

Indica Dominant Strain:

Not everyone prefers the same species of cannabis. While plenty of people love them both, having a single dominant strain isn’t a bad idea. By stocking this on your shelf, you’ll appeal to the widest market possible.

Thankfully, this happens to be quite easy for you to grow. That way, there’s hardly any barrier to entry. Then, you can expand the products you offer substantially.

Moderate Levels of THC:

Sometimes, people prefer a moderate experience. Although high THC concentrations are popular, not everyone prefers to be stuck on the couch. When people want something that’s less overwhelming, this would probably be a great choice. Since the THC concentrations are much lower, it will be much less stoning.

Great Smell:

If you have a great strain, your nose will be the first thing to let you know. With this one, it’s indisputable. Anyone will pick up the notes of citrus in the air. As long as it’s in the room, it’ll be impossible for you to evade.

Plus, user experience is about more than the chemical profile. In fact, the way something smells impacts how people perceive it dramatically. Thankfully, that’ll be good news if you decide to go with this.

Not That Difficult to Grow:

Besides, growing this strain is not that challenging. Even people who lack experience will have an easy time with it. Since it’s such a hearty species, growing it indoors will produce great results.

Once it’s time for you to harvest, we recommend bringing along plenty of baskets. Typically, you’ll need them. Otherwise, prepared to make more than one trip to grab all the flowers.

Northern Lights Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:90% Indica 10% Sativa
THC Levels:Up to 18%
Effects:Sleepy and Happy
Taste and Smell:Citrus and Skunk
Difficulty to Grow:Moderate

White Widow Strain

White Widow Strain

Judging by the name, you’d think that this strain will leave you incapacitated. Nevertheless, in some instances, names can be deceiving. However, that doesn’t mean this strain isn’t worthwhile.

On the contrary, it’s among the most popular strains this year. Thanks to its easy growing conditions, pretty much everyone can produce a great harvest; hence, we included this in our top picks for the highest yielding indoor strains. Regardless of where you live, it’s a great strain to grow.

Mild Indica Dominance:

Suppose you’d like a strain that’s mildly dominant in one species. In that case, a better fit doesn’t exist. With this species, you will quickly notice the indica traits. However, before long, you will also see the Sativa in it. Since it has characteristics of both, it tends to appeal to a wide range of customers. For that reason, growers have been falling in love with it since it was first introduced.

Moderately High THC Concentrations:

Plus, by measuring its chemical profile, it’s easy to see why this strain is so beloved. Since it’s got moderately high THC concentrations, it will be powerful without overwhelming the user. Therefore, we suggested it for pretty much everyone. As long as you are willing to take a chance, we believe this will satisfy most desires.

Stimulating Effects:

While plenty of people love relaxing, not everyone wants to slow down. In some instances, people prefer something that’s a little stimulating. In those circumstances, this strain will probably be better than most others.

Since its chemical profile is so balanced, it tends to produce some of the most balanced effects. Therefore, people will not feel as if it is neglecting their needs. Instead, it’s more common for them to see it as a solution for all their problems.

Grows Quickly:

Besides, if you decide to grow this, it will not be long before you got to harvest it. Thanks to its rapid growth, you can have multiple harvests per year. Not only that, but each harvest will be relatively fruitful. When you are ready to grow something, you probably want the products to be worthwhile. If that’s the case, we suggest trying this out.

White Widow Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Levels:Up to 19%
Effects:Creative and Thought-Provoking
Taste and Smell:Spicy and Sweet
Difficulty to Grow:Easy

Gold Leaf Strain

Gold Leaf Strain

This is another new contender for the title. Compared to other strands, it seems to be relatively benign. Although it lacks distinguishing traits, it still seems to be quite effective. Thanks to its rapid growth, you’ll harvest it more than once this year. The sooner you start growing, the quicker you’ll be gathering the product.


Let’s assume you’d like something that’s only mildly dominant in one species. Then, we suggest working with this. Although other strains share similar genetics, it seems as if this is particularly well-suited.

By growing it, you’ll be adding another powerful lineage to your stock. Then, you’ll get to see how customers react after they try it. Depending on your market, the response may be rather surprising. In some instances, this strain will be flying off the shelf faster than anything else. Nevertheless, it can be quite unpredictable.

Moderate THC Levels:

When you try this, you’ll immediately notice the THC. Since it’s got a high concentration, it might be more powerful than some people would like. However, in some circumstances, you’ll be enamored by its effects.

Not only does it stimulate the mind, but it seems to dissolve boundaries as well. For that reason, people who work in creative industries tend to enjoy it. Therefore, it’ll always be a welcome addition to the stocks of any store.


As soon as you try it, your mind will come alive with questions. Despite its reputation, it seems to be among the most thought-provoking strains on the market. Therefore, people who enjoy deep conversations are almost always impressed with its effects.

After you try it out, It might be your new favorite strain. Still, it’s impossible for us to describe it using words accurately. In our opinion, it would be best if you were to try it out in person.

Gold Leaf Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Levels:Up to 21%
Effects:Imaginative and Thought-Provoking
Taste and Smell:Piquant and Sweet
Difficulty to Grow:Simple

Blue Dream Strain

Finally, as soon as you see the name, you’ll recognize this strain. Blue Dream is among the most recognizable strains in the industry. Around the world, people pay great money for its flowers. For that reason, it remains one of the most popular strains for growers of all experience levels.

If you’d like something that has mass appeal, it will be hard for you to find anything that’s more marketable. Simply putting this on yourself will drive people to your store. Surely, that’s gotta be among the most powerful effects this strain has to offer.

Blue Dream Strain


Undoubtedly, this strain is more widely known than nearly any other. Although its history is limited, it’s quickly garnered a reputation that other strains find elusive. Still, until you try it, it’s hard to appreciate how powerful it is. Despite its lack of history, it tends to be among the most powerful strains on the market. At any given time, people will clamor for a chance to try it.

Slightly More Difficult to Grow:

Yet, it seems as if this strain is slightly more difficult to grow than some of the others on this list. If the slight challenge doesn’t dissuade you, then we suggest giving it a go. If you happen to be successful, it’ll be among the most profitable decisions in your life.

As soon as you demonstrate your talent, this will be flying off your shelf faster than you can restock it. To us, that seems like it’s an intriguing endeavor for most entrepreneurs. If you count yourself among that class, then, by all means, go for it.


As soon as you taste this plant, it’s not hard to imagine why it’s so popular. Of all the strains, it seems to be one of the most delightfully flavored. From the scent to its taste, it scandalizes the senses. Without a doubt, you’ll be impressing people far and wide.

Unless you mess up the harvest, everyone will be begging you for a sample of the buds. Accordingly, you can charge far more than you would with other strains. However, we suggest keeping some behind the shelf. That way, you’ll have a small personal stock for you to enjoy.

Blue Dream Fast Facts:

Strain Dominance:20% Indica 80% Sativa
THC Levels:Up to 21%
Effects:Creative and Provocative
Taste and Smell:Spicy and Bitter
Difficulty to Grow:Challenging

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