How Long Does it Take to Grow Weed? A Walkthrough

Marijuana plants go through four phases before they become ready for human consumption. If you are wondering: How long does it take to grow weed? We have put together this guide to help you understand the time it will take you to grow marijuana.

Growing Marijuana
Growing Marijuana

What Stages Are Involved in Growing Weed?

If you are asking yourself: How long does it take to grow weed? You need to understand that there are four stages: the germination stage, vegetative stage, flowering phase, and harvest phase. 

During all these growth stages, weed requires a different amount of light, water, and nutrients. You need to maintain the plant as it outgrows each of these stages. For instance, know when to prune your plants, when to feed them with fertilizer, and when to harvest them. 

Most marijuana farmers never have the exact period that it takes to grow cannabis seed until the harvest time. The growth process is hampered by several factors that we will enlighten you on. That said, for those asking how long does it take for a weed plant to grow, let’s look at the growth process and what you should keep in mind when growing weed. 

Factors To Consider During the Cannabis Growth Stage

Unlike other plants, marijuana requires more water and nutrients. You also need to monitor the temperature levels since these plants are heat-sensitive. Here are the weed plant’s stages of growth. 

Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds


Most of the popular cannabis strains require approximately 4-5 weeks to outgrow the germination stage and start flowering. During the germination process, the seed grows into a seedling. 

The germination process can last up to a week. To speed up the germination process, you might want to soak the seed in water before planting it. When you spot the shoot, this indicates that the seedling is ready for transplanting.

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The recommended temperature to expose the seeds is between 21 degrees to 24 degrees. Ensure the soil is moist and the seed is exposed to 16 plus hours of sunlight. Avoid putting too much water when the plant is still at the seedling stage.

Marijuana Vegetative Phase
Marijuana Vegetative Phase

Vegetative Phase

This is the immediate phase after the germination period. It is just before the plant starts to flower. After the germination process, the seedlings appear from the soil and start developing mature leaves.

The extent of the vegetative phase is dependent on several factors. Some of them include the genetics of the plant – whether the plant is of Sativa or Indica strain.

Usually, it takes between 3 to 16 weeks if you plant them in an outdoor environment. It is during the vegetative phase that there is fast growth. You can decide to transfer the plant to a bigger pot to allow more space for root development. Expose the plant to sunlight for about 18-24 hours. Essentially, this is when the plant needs optimum sunlight for growth.  

However, you can reduce the light amount to enable the plant to move to the flowering phase. For outdoor growers, the vegetative stage automatically comes to a halt as the light strength reduces. Unlike regular marijuana strains, auto-flowering strains are known to have a shorter vegetative period.

Flowering Stage Of Growing Marijuana
Flowering Stage Of Growing Marijuana

Flowering Stage

This is the second last stage. In other words, it is when cannabis growers start seeing the results of their hard work. The marijuana plant starts flowering as soon as it starts receiving less light. It takes about 8 -10 weeks for most marijuana strains to complete the flowering phase.

Cannabis plants do not require nutrients in high amounts. The same case applies to nitrogen content. Too much nitrogen is likely to expose the cannabis plant to nitrogen burns. 

As the plants bloom, their size will increase. Provide a cooler temperature of 64.4-78.8°F.  Note that lowering the environmental temperature results in a sweet smell, bright colors, and better trichomes. As the plants approach the harvest period, you will notice an increase in the trichome density. 

Harvesting Marijuana
Harvesting Marijuana

Harvesting and Curing

Marijuana plants are ready for harvest when the leaves start turning color, curl and then fall off. When you stop noticing an increase in the size of the buds, it is an indication that it is time to remove them. Note that you cannot consume the flowers after harvesting. We recommend that you dry them for a week. 

So if you were asking yourself: how long does it take to grow weed? Well, it takes between 10 and 32 weeks to grow a marijuana plant from seed. Ideally, this is around 3 to eight months. However, the growth period will be faster if you decide to start with an autoflower or clone seed. 

Factors To Consider During the Growth of a Cannabis Plant

For those who are asking: How long does it take for weed to grow and want to know what factors they should consider if they want the growth period to reduce, here are some tips. 

Living Condition

In most situations, it is your living condition and environment that make the difference in the growth rate for your marijuana plant. Whether you are living on the coast side, or in a summer house, it makes a huge difference.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors
Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Warmth and Light

For a marijuana seed to grow and thrive into a healthy plant, it is essential to provide it with enough light, moisture, and warmth. For indoor cultivators, you can control the growing temperatures of the environment, unlike outdoor growing. You have the chance of adjusting the lighting by using artificial lights. 

The temperature that we recommend for growing a healthy cannabis plant is 75 to 85 Farenheight when the lights are on. On the other hand, you can expose it to a temperature of 58 to 70 Fahrenheit when the lights are on. Keep in mind that indoor cultivation produces cannabis that is high in THC concentration. Outdoor strains, on the other hand, are colorful and have a good aroma and a pleasing taste. 

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Now that we have answered the question: How long does it take for weed to grow, you can grow this plant yourself. If you are interested in purchasing marijuana seeds to plant in your garden, check out ILGM. We have the best weed seeds on the market. 

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