How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

You might be asking yourself: How long does weed stay good? The good news is weed never goes bad to the point of becoming unsafe, but its effect will reduce. You have to store it in an environment that will not expose it to mold or mildew. 

Nobody wants their weed going stale if they can help prevent it. In this guide, we have explained how long weed stays good and how you should store it.

Weed In A Plastic Bag
Weed In A Plastic Bag

How Long Does Weed Stay Good When Stored in a Plastic Bag?

If you are wondering: How long does weed stay good in a plastic bag? Well, you can expect your weed to stay good for between 2 and 10 months if you store them in plastic bags. If you dry and cure your weed properly, it can stay good for 2 to 3 months if you store it in plastic bags.  

However, if you follow the proper steps to preserve the weed, you can stretch this period to between 8 and 10 months. So if you were asking yourself: How long does weed stay good if you store it in a plastic bag? The answer is up to ten months.

Weed In A Jar
Weed In A Jar

How Long Does Weed Stay Good in a Jar?

Many people ask: How long does weed stay good in a jar? You can store your weed for between 6 months and one year in an air-tight glass jar. So if you were asking yourself: How long does weed stay good if you are using a jar? The exact period will depend on the type of jar you use if you keep it away from light and heat.

Tips on How to Store Your Weed

If you desire to maintain the integrity of your bud, you should use the correct storage method. Invest in some humidity packs, and you will notice the difference that you make. The right humidity level is between 60 and 65%.

Humidity packs are useful when it comes to preserving your buds. Also, it ensures you have an improved smoking experience. You can consider storing your buds in an airtight glass jar that has a temperature between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 

After you have stored it in the jar, it is best to store it in a dark place away from sunlight. If you want your buds to be hydrated, consider storing them in a proper container.

Storing Weed In A Tupperware
Storing Weed In A Tupperware

Factors you should Consider When Storing Weed

When storing weed, there are things that you should consider. They include:

Select an Appropriate Container

Avoid using plastic bags that can mess with the weed potency. In addition, forget funny little tins because they are not air-tight.

Select an appropriate glass jar, especially one with an air-tight seal. The glass jars lack static charge and have almost zero oxygen exposure. Remember that storing your weed in a strong glass jar will keep your kids or pets away from them. 

Humidity Level

We recommend that you store your buds at a relative humidity of 60 to 65%. Exposing your weed to a high humidity level might trap moisture, which may lead to mold growth. On the other hand, exposing it to a lower amount may cause it to dry out. Consider humidity packs in your containers if you want to help preserve your stash for a long time. 

Smoking Weed
Smoking Weed

Store the Weed in a Cool, Dry Place and Avoid Sunlight

Storing your weed in a cool and dry place is essential, as direct sunlight might reduce the THC content in a bud. Too much heat might lead to too much moisture and mold growth. Lastly, store your cannabis in a dark closet with a temperature range of 20-25 degrees.

Is Refrigerating or Freezing Weed a Bad Idea?

Most people agree with the idea that everything lasts longer while in a freezer. However, this is not quite right when it comes to storing weed.

Freezing temperatures cause trichomes. These are tiny hairs on flowers that produce cannabinoids. In turn, this results in the becoming brittle and breaking off easily when you handle it.

That said, when you store it properly, weed should not go bad. Be sure to keep it in a sealed container, away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. It has a potency duration of up to a year. 

A Woman Smelling Weed
A Woman Smelling Weed

Effects of Stale Weed

Weed that has been stored in an inappropriate condition is difficult to tell. It does not lose its aroma entirely. Some strains might taste harsh when you preserve them for too long. The appearance can also give you an idea as to whether or not it’s old. 

Additionally, keep in mind that fresh weed does not crumble easily. Only dry weed or moist buds can crumble easily. The bottom line is: Consuming stale weed that has grown mold can harm you. 

However, you need to be prepared for changes in the potency level and texture. Before you take out a bud that has been stored for a long time, check whether it has lost its scent. Like other plants, pot is also deemed to degrade as time goes by.

Storing Weed For Long Periods
Storing Weed For Long Periods

How to Keep Your Weed Fresh Longer

The best and recommended way to store weed depends on the immediate external environmental conditions. One of the best ways to keep your weed fresh longer is to store it in a dry and dark place. Ensure you keep it away from natural light exposure that may cause mold growth. 

Once you understand all the factors mentioned above, storing your weed to last longer becomes much easier. One of the ways you can store your weed fresh longer is to ensure they are not exposed to light and oxygen.

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