How Much Weed Can You Produce With a Single Plant

When you are growing cannabis, tons of factors impact your overall yield.

Therefore, it’s difficult to give a precise answer for the amount you should expect from a particular plant. However, on average, you can use the wattage of your lighting to calculate a projected yield.

Generally, this should arrive at something close to your final harvest. As long as you follow the equation, it’s difficult to mess things up. However, even though this is mathematical, that doesn’t mean it’s error-free.

Depending on your approach, The final size of your harvest could vary considerably. As you gain experience, you’ll begin to develop a taste for what to expect. On most occasions, it’ll be easy for you to guess how sizable your harvest will be.

Average Yield for an Outdoor Plant

Average Yield for an Outdoor Plant:

With an outdoor plant, it’s more difficult to calculate. Still, we can project between 150 to 300 g for an average plant.

Of course, the precise techniques used while growing the plant will impact your total. As your technique improves, so will your harvest.

Average Yield for an Indoor Plant

Average Yield for an Indoor Plant:

With an indoor plant, it’s much easier to calculate the projected yield. Usually, you can multiply the watts from your lights by 1 gram per watt.

Most of the time, this will give you a fairly realistic estimate as to what you can expect your plants to produce.

How Do Different Techniques Impact the Size of Your Harvest?

Although you can get a general guess, to derive a precise answer, you’ll have to analyze the techniques used. As techniques grow in sophistication, so will the size of the harvest. Generally speaking, more complex growing techniques produce larger yields. Therefore, one of the best ways you can improve your harvest is by learning how to grow more efficiently.

How Can You Calculate the Yield of Your Plants?:

Once you’ve harvested your plants, you can weigh them. Typically, you’ll want to dry them out first, though. If you don’t, you’ll get a rather hefty answer. Plus, most of the time, people talk about the dry weight when referring to cannabis.

Should You Weigh Your Plants While They Are Wet or Dry?:

Since water is so heavy, you should wait until the plants are dry. Otherwise, the weight will be much higher than expected. Although this is useful in particular circumstances, we would expect the dry weight to be more useful.


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Maximizing the Yield of Your Plants

So, you understand how to weigh your plans now. Next, you’ll probably want to learn how to grow them more effectively.

By learning how to do this, you’ll need fewer plants to produce the same sized harvest. That way, you can produce more with less work. In our opinion, that sounds like a win-win to us.

Low Stress Training

Perhaps, this technique is among the most popular for improving the yield of the harvest. By implementing it, you’ll ensure that your plants make optimal use of the space they are given. By breaking apical dominance, the plants are able to spread out more evenly.

Thus, each leaf receives as much light as possible. Ultimately, this helps the plant grow even more in the long run. Consequently, your harvest will grow in correlation with the additional light.

Effective Fertilizer

Although cannabis is a hardy plant, the right fertilizer can be a game-changer. By providing the plants with essential nutrients, you’ll ensure they have everything they need to grow rapidly.

In this way, you’ll remove any barriers to their growth. Then, there will be no more growth limitations in place.

light beaming down on cannabis plants

How Does Lighting Impact the Yield of Your Plants?

As always, the quality of your lighting plays a dramatic role in your harvest. Without good lighting, your plants won’t grow at all. However, if you go to the store, you’ll notice the price tags. Since most hobbyists have limited budgets, not everyone can afford top-of-the-line lighting.

Luckily, with the right approach, you will need to empty your bank accounts to build the perfect set up. As long as you get reliable lights, your harvest should do just fine.

1 G Per Watt:

Let’s assume you went with budget lighting. Assuming average quality, you should expect to produce around 1 g per watt from the lights. Of course, that would be for each plant in the room. Therefore, adding additional plants will also increase the yield of your harvest.

Which Types of Bulbs Should You Purchase?:

On some occasions, you may want to splurge on something a little special. If you were to ask us, then we would suggest purchasing some better lights.

With these, you’ll produce even more for each plant in the room. As a result, it seems as if it’s one of the most efficient ways you can improve your yield.

growing marijuana Hydroponically

Should You Grow Your Plants Hydroponically?

Now, once you’ve developed your skills, you can progress to the next level of growth. After growing in soil, we suggest working with hydroponics.

Although it’s much more expensive to get started, in the end, you will produce far more by using this technique. As long as you’ve got the startup capital, it’s more than a worthwhile endeavor.

1.2 G Per Watt:

At first glance, 1.2 g per watt may not seem like it is that much more than it would have been otherwise. However, upon further analysis, you’ll notice that’s a 20% increase compared to previous techniques.

Thus, with the same quantity of plants, your overall harvest will be 20% larger. If you were to ask us, we would say that’s a pretty impressive increase.

Other Factors for You to Consider:

Besides these, there are plenty of other factors for you to consider when you start growing cannabis. From our perspective, it would seem that the best path is through trial and error. By following your gut, you’ll make mistakes along the way.

Nevertheless, when you make them yourself, it’s much easier to learn from them in the future. Then, you can ensure that future mistakes are not made in the same way.

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How Many Plants Should You Grow?

Finally, after you start growing, it’s normal to ask this question. Depending on the size of your setup, the maximum number of plants you should grow will vary.

Generally speaking, we suggest starting with fewer plants. Since you’ll have fewer plans to care for, you can give each of them additional attention.

That way, you’ll notice if anything goes awry as soon as possible. Then, you’ll have all the time necessary to implement emergency protocols.

For that reason, you’ll avoid losing most of the plants in your harvest. Then, once the time arrives, you’ll have a substantial bounty on your hands.

Producing a Greater Harvest With Fewer Plants:

With the right approach, each plant will produce more. Still, it would help if you had some kind of guarantee. Thus, we believe the following analogy might help. Suppose you’ve got a room filled with plants.

Most of the plants will not receive enough light. However, at a certain point, there are so few plants in the room that not all of the light is being used. As you can see, the right approach is taking a balanced path.

By doing this, each plant will receive everything it needs to produce as much as possible. Thus, the overall size of your harvest will increase correspondingly.

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