How to Grow Weed From Seeds

From coast-to-coast, people are eager to learn how to grow weed from seeds. As more states continue to legalize the practice, beginners are flocking to the stores as they buy supplies.

Still, it would help if you knew the basics. Otherwise, your first attempt might not result in a very satisfying harvest. By following our tips, we will ensure you prevent that travesty.

A 7-step Process:

To grow marijuana, we recommend following our proven seven-step process. As you go through the process, we will be here with you each step of the way. In fact, it’ll be as if we are your mentor.

Choosing the Right Seeds

Before we get started, you’ll have to pick up some seeds. We’ve got a wide selection available for you to choose from. Depending on your preferences, a particular strain might be more suitable. Nevertheless, the best way for you to find out is by trying them all.

Where Will You Grow?:

Once you selected the seeds, you’ll need somewhere to place them. Have you thought about where you would like to grow? Most of the time, people begin by growing indoors. However, growing outside isn’t unheard of.

Sativa Seeds

Marijuana leaves in farmers hands. Growing Cannabis Sativa outdo

When you go cannabis, you must select the strain. Often, you’ll pick up a hybrid. However, in some instances, you can get a pure Sativa. If that happens, the final result will be pretty impressive.

Larger Plants:

How much space do you plan on having while you grow? If you are limited, it would be better to work with another train. Since these tend to be large, you’ll need sufficient space for them to expand.

Indica Seeds

indica cannabis leaf

Most of the time, for beginners, we recommend one of these. Because they are more manageable, you’ll have fewer challenges while growing them.

Smaller Plants:

Plus, you won’t need as much space for them to grow. Since they tend to be smaller, you could even place them in your closet. From our perspective, nothing should hold you back from starting with one of these.

Fundamentals of Growing Cannabis

Okay, you have your scenes. Plus, you determined where you’d like to begin. At this point, we must review the fundamentals of how you grow cannabis. Moreover, by reviewing these essentials, we will prevent most of the mistakes beginners make.

Which Factors Are the Most Important?:

Cannabis is a living creature. Therefore, none of the factors are more important than the others. If any of them fall out of balance, it will disrupt the internal harmony of your plant. Most of the time, the outcome won’t be catastrophic. However, it’s impossible for us to foretell the future.

Light, Water, and Air

Above all, you’ll want to have a consistent lighting schedule. Some of the plant’s vital functions depend on regular light exposure. Without this, you’ll never see any flowers at all.

Stability Is Key:

As you grow the plants, provide them with a stable environment. It’s the same process you would use when growing magic mushroom supplements. Even a small fluctuation can disrupt their growth patterns.

Don’t Forget About the Humidity:

Besides, monitoring the humidity will be more than enough of a challenge. If you let that get out of control, it could cause mold to grow on the leaves. Then, you’ll be putting the entire harvest at risk.

Temperature, Soil, and Nutrients

Next, we will need to look at the environmental conditions. Suppose you were a plant. How would you like to grow in nutrient-deficient soil? If that were us, we would not appreciate it at all.

How Much Fertilizer Should You Use?:

Still, beginners often make the mistake of using too much fertilizer. Then, they are surprised when the plants wither away.

What Are the Signs of Over Fertilization?:

You shouldn’t rely on fertilizer to provide all the nutrients that your plant needs. Instead, we recommend using organic soil. That way, you’ll prevent over-fertilizing them. Then, you’ll want to grow them even faster.

marijuana under LED light
Marijuana Plant Under a LED Light

Indoor Cannabis Lighting

If you decide to grow them inside, the type of lighting you choose is highly important. Depending on what you select, the way you grow the plants can vary dramatically.

Photoreceptors and Your Plant’s Hormonal Cycle:

Usually, cannabis relies on the sun to provide it with signals. These signals tell the plant at what point it’s time for them to start flowering. Therefore, without consistent lighting, you might not ever see any powers at all.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

These bulbs are rather inexpensive. If you are tight on funds, we suggest starting with some of these. As long as you put them on a timer, they should do the job well enough.

Light Emitting Diodes

If you have the money, we recommend using LED lights. Not only are these more efficient, but they provide a better spectrum for your plants as well.

More Efficient:

Although you will spend more money upfront, by the end of the month, you’ll use less of it overall.

Germinating Cannabis Seedlings

Before your plans start to grow, you’ll have to germinate the seeds. Luckily, there are many techniques you can use to accomplish this task.

Why Must Seeds Be Germinated?:

Unless you terminate them, they will never transform from seeds into plants. Instead, you’ll be left with a bunch of nuts.

Place the Seeds Into the Medium

In most instances, your seeds will germinate if you place them into the soil. However, not all of the will.

Germination Stations:

If you’d like them all to germinate, you can use a special station. These ensure as many of the seeds germinate as possible.

Use a Paper Towel

Of course, you can also place them on top of a damp paper towel. Typically, this will make them germinate a little faster.

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Primary Growth Phase

Once they progressed past seedlings, they enter the primary growth phase. During this phase, they will begin to grow at an increasingly rapid pace.

How Long Will Your Plants Continue to Grow Before They Bloom?:

Sometimes, this phase can last for several months. On other occasions, it will only go for a few weeks. Usually, it depends on the strain in question.

18 Hours of Light the Day

When you are growing indoors, provide them with at least 18 hours’ worth of light. Otherwise, you may not trigger their photoreceptors appropriately.

Organic Soils:

By using organic soil, you can reduce the fertilizer frequency. Then, you’ll have fewer issues with yellow spots on your leaves.

Exotic Growth Enhancement

As you become more experienced, you can add additional techniques to your repertoire. By using these, you will further enhance the efficiency of your yields.

Added Carbon Dioxide:

Perhaps, this technique is the easiest for beginners to implement. By pumping carbon dioxide into the growing chamber, you’ll provide them the fuel they need to grow even faster.

Flowers and Blooming

Once they are finished growing, you’ll start to notice the flowers as they appear. By this point, you can hardly wait to harvest them. Luckily, it will not be much longer.

Absolute Photo Determinant

Some plants rely on lighting. Inside of their leaves, there are small structures called photoreceptors. These respond to the light and produce hormones inside of the plant. At a certain point, these hormones will tell the plant that it is time for them to flower.

Auto Flowering

Generally speaking, for beginners, we suggest using one of these. Instead of relying on the light, they will automatically enter the flowering stage after a certain amount of time.


harvesting cannabis

Once you start seeing flowers, begin preparing for the harvest. Grab all of your tools and gather around the plants. Remember, this is what you have been working for.

Amber Colored Trichomes:

On the leaves, you’ll begin to see hints of Amber. Once you see this, it is time to begin.

Harvesting by Hand

Usually, we recommend working by hand. This way, you’ll protect the flowers as much as possible.

Drying Cannabis Plants

After harvesting the flowers, lay the buds on a shelf. Check on them every few days. Once they are dry enough for you, you can begin to cure them.

Dark and Stable Environment

While they are drying, keep them in the dark. By doing this, they will dry evenly. Otherwise, it could make the final product less attractive.

How Long Does It Take?

On average, most people report it takes a few weeks for the buds to dry sufficiently. However, it’s not unheard of for them to try a little faster.

Curing Cannabis Plants

Once they are sufficiently dry, you can place them in glass Mason jars. Since the glass Mason jars are airtight, it’s a great place for the flowers to cure. Give them a few months before you open the jars. Once enough time has passed, you can enjoy the product.

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