How to Harvest Marijuana

Successfully growing marijuana is a goal that’s within reach for anyone willing to put in the time. By using this guide, will help you prepare for the harvest. That way, once the time arrives, you can be as efficient as possible. Otherwise, what good would we be?

Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds

Prior To Harvest

Before you do anything, we recommend looking at the following tips. With them, you can ensure the most common mistakes are avoided. Plus, that will prevent any unnecessary headaches along the way. Besides, most of these tips are fairly self-explanatory. Unless you are in a rush, it’ll be more than worthwhile for you to learn them.

  • Aeration: Regardless of which room you use, it should have been elation. We suggest installing a set of fans. Have them cycle the room a few times each day.
  • Privacy: In some instances, you’ll want to keep this operation a secret. If that is the case, pay attention to the location. Some areas are much easier to hide than others.
  • Temperature Controls: For the best results, you’ll want continuous temperature control. With this, you’ll ensure optimal growing conditions at all time.
  • Lighting: When you grow indoors, lighting is vital. Without it, nothing can grow. Nevertheless, not all lights are the same. We recommend grabbing a pair of specialty growing lights.
  • Humidity: Finally, controlling humidity is essential. If it’s not under control, your plants might harbor molds. It would be best if the humidity was stable as well. Still, controlling the humidity is not always possible. Unless you invest a ton of money, you’ll have to do the best you can. Luckily, it seems as if this factor impacts your final harvest the least.

Signs Of Over Fertilization

Fertilizers help your plants grow faster. By providing them with essential nutrients, any nutritional gaps in the soil are filled.

However, using too much can be detrimental. If the following signs are evident, cut back on your use of fertilizer. Otherwise, you might kill the plants.

  • Leaves Appear Brown: Sometimes, people describe this as a burnt appearance. If the leaves begin to lose their luster, it could be because you’re over-fertilizing the plant. On the other hand, you might need to adjust which fertilizer you are using. Not all fertilizers provide every nutrient. In some instances, browning leaves could be a sign that there is a nutrition deficiency.
  • Dark Green Coloration: Additionally, some fertilizers may increase the plan’s vibrance. When they begin to glow overly bright, it could be a sign they are over-fertilized.
Marijuana Plant
Marijuana Plant

How To Harvest Marijuana

Assuming you’ve planted them properly, after a few weeks, it’ll be time to harvest the crop. Depending on the strain, the exact amount of time will vary.

Generally speaking, the average time to flowering could be anywhere from 8 to 14 weeks

By waiting for the appropriate time, your final harvest will be as abundant as possible. Unless you are willing to sacrifice some of your flowers, we suggest giving the plants as long as you can. That way, each of them will produce more for you.


If you harvest the plants too early, you’ll lose out on possible weight. Additionally, many people believe early harvests are not as flavorful.

It would be best to wait a little longer if anything at all. As you gain experience, it’ll be easier to determine when is the right time. If you are off, it is not that big of a deal. Typically, the end results will not vary all that much.

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Steps To The Harvest

Once it’s time, go and grab your tools. To harvest properly, it will take a few hours. Each plant must be handled one by one. Otherwise, you could crush some of the beautiful flowers, which would feel devastating.

  • Work During the Day: When is the best time to begin work? The correct answer depends on whether your project was done inside. If they are outdoor plants, then begin working as the sun rises. Otherwise, work with the plants from the moment the lights first turn on.
  • Cut at the Base: Work with each plant individually. Grab them by the stems. Then, using your scissors, cut at the very base next to the petiole. By working carefully, you will preserve the most valuable parts of the plant.
  • Work One Plant at a Time: Industrial operations handle the plans a little differently. However, with a personal touch, the final results much more aesthetically pleasing.
Trimming Marijuana
Trimming Marijuana

How To Trim Marijuana

Even though the plants have been plucked, your work is hardly over. Instead, it’s time for you to begin trimming the harvest.

Each plant is comprised of numerous parts. Not all of the parts are as valuable as the flowers. Therefore, most operations will remove these extraneous accessories.

Dry vs. Wet:

Depending on who you ask, the best time for you to trim the plant will differ. Some people prefer working with them as they are drying. Nevertheless, there are plenty of proponents following alternative methods. From our perspective, it seems as if the humidity of your environment should play a deciding factor. If it’s humid, then trim the plants while they are still wet. Otherwise, wait until they are finished drying.

Steps to Trim

If you decide to work with the plants while they are still wet, you should use the appropriate technique. On the other hand, if they are dry, follow the steps for that method instead. By using the appropriate method, your final results will be better.

Dry Trimming

  • Remove Large Leaves: To begin, cut the largest leaves off the plant. Pay attention while you are doing this. Next to these large leaves are the flowers. Until you are done, remember to avoid them. Those are the most profitable part of this expedition.
  • Hand Plants: We suggest using your hands while you are handling them. If you put gloves on, it’ll reduce your dexterity. Despite the experience, it’s hard to maneuver your fingers when they are restricted. Therefore, working without gloves provides more control over your tools.
  • Prune Around Floral Material: As you work, avoid the floral parts of the plant. These contain the highest concentrations of THC. Generally speaking, you begin growing the plants the harvest of those in particular. Therefore, you’ll want to preserve them to the best of your ability.

Wet Trimming

  • Use Gloves: Assuming the plants are wet, you’ll want to use gloves. By donning them, you can avoid disturbing the tri-Combs. Since those contained most of the THC, working with bare hands can destroy your hard work. Although you’ll lose a little dexterity, it will be more than worthwhile in the end. Until you are finished, be extra careful to protect the flowers.
  • Trim at the Base: After putting on your gloves, you can begin to trim the plants. Similar to before, cut the stems next to the petiole. That way, you can remove the largest leaves of the plant without touching their flowers. By using this method, you will preserve the plant’s value to the greatest extent possible.
  • Best in Humid Environments: Typically, we suggest waiting until the plans are dry before you begin trimming them. Nevertheless, in certain instances, it might be better to work while they are still wet. For the most part, restrict these activities to environments with high humidity. Otherwise, your results will be better if you wait until they dry.
Drying Marijuana
Drying Marijuana

How To Dry Cannabis

Once you are done trimming everything, it’s time for you to dry the flowers. This process removes any excess water from their constituents. That way, when people smoke, it’s as smooth as possible. Plus, it helps to prevent mold from growing on your product. Thus, further preserving your hard work.

Dark Room:

Usually, it would help if you turned off the lights while this is happening. Until it’s done, keep the plants in a room that’s consistently dark.

That way, there are very few fluctuations in the environmental factors. In this way, you’ll produce the most consistent results possible.

Constant Temperature:

Additionally, ensure the temperature is kept at a consistent level. Fluctuating the temperature can damage the plants terribly.

Even as they are drying, they are vulnerable to environmental fluctuations. Therefore, use an environment with reliable climate control. Otherwise, you’ll risk destroying some of your hard work.

2-3 Weeks:

Depending on the strain, it should take a few weeks for this to finish. We suggest checking on them every few days. If you do not, something bad might happen to them meanwhile. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for you to check them out. As long as nothing seems amiss, let them do their thing.

Curing Marijuana
Curing Marijuana

How To Cure Cannabis

Before you market your products, you’ll want to cure them. This is the final step in processing your plants. Until this process is over, you have yet to see the true harvest. To begin, you’ll want to store all the buds inside of jars. Then, put them inside of your pantry. If you do not have a pantry, we suggest using something similar.

Air-Tight Jars:

Not every jar is suitable for this task. Above all, you’ll want to ensure that each jar you use is impermeable. Otherwise, air will see been and prevent your buds from curing. Typically, we suggest working with glass jars. Not only are they airtight, but they are also surprisingly affordable. By using them, your buds will cure perfectly. Plus, you will not have to break the bank.

Constant Temp and Humidity:

Regardless of the strain, constant environments are essential. In every step of the process, control the temperature and humidity to the greatest extent possible. The best results rely on this. If you cannot do so, there is no guarantee you’ll enjoy the final result.

Store Them for Four Months:

Curing the flowers takes the longest time of the whole process. At least, you won’t have to occupy yourself with them constantly. Once you put them in the jars, stow them away someplace that dark. Check on them once every few months.

Usually, by around the fourth month, they will be ready to use. If you try to use them before that time, it might be less than enjoyable.

Growing Marijuana
Growing Marijuana

Other Tips To Produce An Abundant Harvest

Of course, the quality of your harvest depends on the quality of your craftsmanship. The better you can grow the plants, the better harvest you can produce. As long as you’re willing to research, there’s plenty of methods you can use to improve your results.

In fact, we’ve got a few tips that will help you listed below. When you are ready to start growing, try them out. Then, compare your results to the last harvest. We can bet that there will be some improvement. Otherwise, you might have a few things to teach us.


Plants still need to breathe. Therefore, to produce the best results, it would be best if you use the fan. On that note, it would be even better to use multiple fans.

By doing that, one fan can blow air out of the room while the other brings air into it. In effect, you’ll ensure there is continuous air circulation in the growing environment. Thus, it will ensure your plant is constantly able to breathe.

Indoor vs. Outdoor:

Not everyone has the luxury of growing indoors. However, even if you are growing outside, it’s still possible to produce some beautiful buds.

Generally speaking, it will be harder to grow something outside than it will be to do so inside. Nevertheless, we suggest trying it out if that’s the only thing available. As long as it’s legal, who’s going to stop you?

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