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I Love Growing Marijuana was created 25 years ago with about five plants. Robert Bergman later expanded his organization to a 14 person team. Currently, I Love Growing Marijuana sells only the best and high-quality cannabis seeds in the market. 

The goal of ILGM seed bank is to ensure that even small-scale growers can purchase the cannabis type they want and still get discounts. The company provides deep training resources to individuals who have little experience when it comes to quality cannabis strains. In addition, the organization also sells beginner kits.

ILGM sells a variety of seeds ranging from Sativa strains to Indica strains. For those looking to grow Marijuana strains that are either feminized or Autoflowering and have a high THC and CBD content, ILGM is the site for you. 

Here, you can get the best deals on cannabis seeds at an affordable cost. Also, if you want the best discount on every purchase that you make, you can opt for deals with High CBD content. 

Recently, ILGM has introduced the latest discount codes, sale items, and coupons. Keep an eye for the coupon and Ilgm discount whenever you shop from the site. Now that you are aware of the discounts and coupon rates available, continue reading the guide below and learn about the promo and coupon codes.

ILGM Coupon Code
ILGM Coupon Code

How to Use the ILGM Discount Code and Coupon Codes

The latest coupon code allows you to enjoy a discount when you are buying products on the website. You can redeem the deals by clicking on “Get Coupon”. The next stage is copying the code. A new window that indicates where you can shop and buy some of the best marijuana strains will pop up. 

Paste the coupon in the box and notice the drop in your product price. The coupon codes are one of the ways that you can use to get discount allowances.

Many often ask where they can find the Ilgm discount code? You may decide to shop at without the discount rate. On the other hand, those who take advantage of the ilovegrowingmarijuana discount code end up paying half the price.

You need to correct this at some point before you end up losing more money. The solution is finding the right website that offers the right codes for the coupon. You don’t have to pay the full amount of a product if you get the coupon. The same product can be purchased with up to a 56 % discount allowance. 

It is not easy finding the best coupon site despite the internet being flooded with several sites that offer coupons. You have no option but to look for the best site which provides definitive and relevant coupon codes.

ILGM Promotional Offers
ILGM Promotional Offers

Ilovegrowingmarijuana Coupon Codes and Offers

Thanks to the coupon purchasing cannabis strains has never been easier. ILGM seed company has become one of the largest seed companies in the industry. It also provides beginners with essential information on how to grow marijuana plants. 

Autoflowering plants are the best cannabis strains to get Ilgm discount rates. You are assured to find the best weed strains that have short flowering periods. There are a variety of different cannabis strains that you can choose from. Ranging from low and high THC and CBD strains. 

If you are a new shopper at Ilovegrowingmarijuana seed bank, check out for the best discounts and beginner guides. Without much further ado, always opt for the Ilgm discount codes if you want to save a lot on your budget.

ILGM Seed Deals
ILGM Seed Deals

10X Free White Widow Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

This discount is available for those who order a 10 pack of the White Widow Autoflower cannabis strain at Ilovegrowingmarijuana seed bank. Once you make an order, you automatically get a 10% off from your order.

$10 Off From the Seeds that you Order

Take advantage of this coupon code and check out a total of 10 $ off from the marijuana seeds that you purchase. This coupon discount allows you to save some money off your budget.

10X Free White Widow Feminized Marijuana strain

If you order a ten pack of White Widow feminized marijuana seeds at our site, your cannabis seeds will get doubled up at a free cost. Note that this strain is composed of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica.

White Widow Feminized Seed Properties

Plant Type60% Indica 40% Sativa
Grow DifficultyEasy
ClimateIndoors | Temperate | Mediterranean | Steppe
Plant SizeAverage
Flowering Time9 weeks
Yields18 oz per 3x3ft

Get White Widow Feminized Seed Deals

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa 
  • THC levels up to 19%
  • High yielding easy growing plant

10X Free Super Skunk Feminized Marijuana Strain

The coupon promotions offer 10 times free offers for the well-known Super Skunk Feminized marijuana seeds. Order ten packs of Super Skunk Feminized marijuana strain and enjoy this Ilgm discount.

Super Sunk Feminized Seed Properties

Plant Type80% Indica 20% Sativa
Grow DifficultyEasy
ClimateIndoors | Mediterranean
Plant SizeAverage
Flowering Time8 weeks
Yields18 to 21 oz per 3x3ft

Get Super Skunk Feminized Seed Deals

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa 
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Easy growing plant

10X Free Super Silver Haze feminized Cannabis Strain

The Super Silver Haze cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 90%. Take the advantage and order these seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana and enjoy an automatic double.

Super Sunk Haze Feminized Seed Properties

Plant Type10% Indica 90% Sativa
Grow DifficultyModerate
ClimateIndoors | Temperate | Mold Resistant
Plant SizeTall
Flowering Time9 weeks
Yields19 oz per 3x3ft

Get Super Skunk Haze Feminized Seed Deals

  • 10% Indica 90% Sativa 
  • THC levels up to 18%
  • Easy growing plant

$10 Off from any type of Marijuana Seeds

Get a 10% off from any seeds that you purchase from the I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank. Take advantage of this Ilgm discount while stock lasts. The code you need to use to enjoy this offer is THXFROMROBERT$.

$5 Off from Your Next Order

Once you have used the 10-dollar discount code, you can still enjoy $5 off your order. You have to use 5fromrobert as your code.

10X Free for the Top marijuana Feminized Seeds

I love growing marijuana has a vast collection of feminized seeds. Some of the top feminized marijuana seeds are Gorilla Glue, Grand Daddy Purple, and the Blue Dream marijuana strain.


To sum up, do your research on the available discount rates by heading to the I Love Growing Marijuana site, where you’ll find the page with ILGM discount codes. This will help you save money while purchasing on the website. If you are interested in purchasing some of the best seeds we are offering, why not visit ILGM?

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