Our Favorite Purple Weed Strains for This Year

How long have you been growing cannabis? As soon as you meet another person who is interested in this industry, it’s difficult not to ask that question. Of course, following their response, the next topic of choice will always be your favorite strain.

On that topic, we’ve collected a few of our favorite purple buds. That way, you’ll have plenty to talk about during your next conversation. Plus, if you decide to grow a new strain, one of these might be a perfect choice.

Candyland Strain

Candyland Strain

To begin, we will take a closer look at a common crowd favorite. Obviously, it’s no secret that Candyland is among the most popular strains in the world. At first glance, it doesn’t take long to discover why people feel the way they do about this strain.

Golden Hairs: To us, the hairs that course through the flowers are among the most notable features. Simply stated, they are rather elegant if you look at them from the right perspective.
Perfect for the Indoors: Besides, when you prefer growing indoors, it will be difficult for you to find a more suitable strain. These flowers jump for joy at the thought of growing up inside.
Socially Uplifting: Plus, once you finish harvesting them, you’ll have a rather enjoyable social substance. As soon as people come over, you can share this with them. That way, there will be more than enough to go around.

Granddaddy Purple Strain

Suppose you want to try something that is a classic. If that happens to be the case, then it would be hard to find a better strain than this one. As soon as you hear the name, you’ll know that you’re dealing with something serious.

granddaddy purple strain
Granddaddy Purple
Indica: Of course, when you want a particular strain, nothing else will suffice. For that reason, this remains as one of our favorite Indica strains. It manages to combine all our favorite features into a single plant. How much more could anyone ask for?
High Levels of Thc: Not to mention, as soon as you smoke it, you’ll feel the effects immediately. Since the THC levels are so high, it’s impossible to ignore. As long as you are prepared, it’s an enjoyable experience.

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Bay Platinum Cookies Strain

Bay Platinum Cookies
Bay Platinum Cookies

Of course, it would not be good if we skipped over some of the new contenders to the title. Although they do not have the same track record, that doesn’t mean they are any less substantial. Compared to some of the other strains, you may find that they are even more potent.

Citrus Flavors: Besides, what’s not to love about that wonderful citrus flavor? If you are from the tropics, it’s an immediately noticeable sensation. To us, it reminds us of home.
Calming Effects: Perhaps, it is a result of the wonderful smell. Nevertheless, plenty of people report that this strain is particularly relaxing. If that sounds like something you’d like, we suggest giving it a try.

Tropicana Cookies Strain

Perhaps, you’d prefer something with a little different profile. If that happens to be the case, then you may fall in love with something like this. As soon as you try it, you’ll feel like going for a run. It seems to be among the most energetic strains to enter the market in recent years.

Tropicana Cookies Strain
Tropicana Cookies
Energizing Activity: Sometimes, it would be nice to smoke without feeling stuck to the couch. If you agree with that sentiment, then we recommend trying out this strain. Most of the time, people find that it’s much more energetic than usual.
Beautifully Aromatic: At the end of the day, a beautiful aroma is a nice prospect. Let’s assume you’ve been busy for a few weeks. In that case, as soon as you open this, you’ll be blasted by the smell. Furthermore, it will be difficult for you to avoid the delicious temptation it offers. Moreover, who could blame you if you fell for it?

Tangie Strain

Sometimes, people would like to try something that’s a little new. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should restrain yourself from selecting a time tested classic. With this, you’ll get to have the best of both worlds. Since it’s the perfect hybrid, the effects seem to synergize with each species.

Tangie Strain
Great for Growing Outdoors: This plant is particularly hearty. If you would like to grow something outside, then the type of plant you choose is a major decision. Depending on your choice, your harvest may be bountiful. With this strain, you’ll be surprised at how fruitful it is in the outdoors.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies Strain
Girl Scout Cookies

Nearly everyone has heard about this strain at some point. Since it’s so recognizable, it’s among the most popular for people to grow when they are first beginning. As long as you’ve got an indoor setup, it’s difficult to go wrong with this strain.

Powerful Medicinal Properties: Plus, after you harvest it, you’ll have an amazing medicinal plant. When someone feels pain, give them some of this. After they try it, all of the pain should melt away.
Balanced Effect Profile: Since it is a hybrid, neither effect should be overwhelming. On the one hand, you’ll notice its powerful relaxation. On the other hand, you won’t feel as if you want to stay on the couch. For that reason, it tends to be a popular selection.

Purple Haze Strain

Since the 60s, this strain has been known around the world. Of course, its popularity is thanks in no small part to the song from Jimi Hendrix. However, it has had a much longer-lasting appeal than the song.

Purple Haze Strain
Purple Haze Strain
Energetic and Euphoric: After you try this, it’s impossible not to feel like dancing. Perhaps, that’s the reason it helped inspire the guitarist to create his famous song. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it’s still quite an amazing herb. For that reason, you’ll never find us without it on ourselves.
Distinctive Appearance: Besides, as soon as you see it, you’ll recognize it for what it is. Thanks to the unique appearance, it’s almost impossible to overlook.

Purple Thai Strain

Purple Thai Strain
Purple Thai

This strain has similar genetics to purple haze. However, it hasn’t been around for quite as long. Although it’s relatively new to the industry, it still managed to amass a sizable fan base. To us, that seems to serve as a pretty solid testament to its quality.

Still, Powerfully Potent: Despite its novelty, it is still among the most powerful plants you’ll find on the market. Suppose you’d like to grow something with extra potency. If that is the case, then this plan should serve your purposes quite well. In fact, we suppose it could be the best choice for you available today.

Sherbet Strain

Finally, we’ve arrived at the bottom of our list. For the final participant, we’ve selected a plant that doesn’t have quite the same following some of the others on this list have. Even though it’s not as well-known, it still one of our favorites.

Sherbet Strain
Indica Dominant Hybrid: Of course, it has genetics from both lines of the plant. However, it tends to be dominant from the Indica strain. Therefore, you can expect this to assist with creative tasks.
Easy to Grow: Not to mention, if you are a beginner, this strain is particularly easy to grow. Regardless of where you are, it doesn’t take a green thumb to make this one bloom.

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