Sensi Seed Review

Sensi Seeds is an Amsterdam based seed bank with over 30-years of history in the cannabis industry. It’s the oldest running seed bank and has built a reputation of being a reliable and consistently provider of high-quality cannabis seeds.

It’s founder, Ben Dronkers, is also the founder of the famous Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam. Sensi Seeds formed after he started growing his own cannabis plants in 1975 and ended saving any seeds he found in his batches.

He began categorizing those seeds and eventually traveled the world, collecting seeds from various cannabis strains in an attempt to breed them and create new hybrids. In 1985, he opened the shop and began selling his seeds. At the time, Sensi Seeds was the first all-inclusive seed bank and grow shop in Amsterdam, and remains one of the most inclusive and coveted online seed banks in the world.

Strain Selection

sensi seed strains

The Sensi seed bank has an incredible strain selection that includes new strains that were crossbred by the founder himself. They sell feminized seeds, regular seeds, and autoflower seeds, as well as medical marijuana seeds. They’re always adding new varieties to the mix and sell some of the most unique strains on the market. They have a great variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds, as well as CBD products. Their website is very easy to navigate, and you can search for seeds depending on your price range, climate, expected yields, flowering time, and more.

They’re known for carrying a ton of cannabis cup winners such as Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Silver Haze, Super Skunk #1 and Afghani Kush. They also carry their own hybrids and some more rare strains like Shiva Skunk, Hindu Kush, and Sensi Skunk.

For first time growers, they also offer a great selection of info-products and instructional content to help you learn how to grow. On the site, you can also shop for vaporizers and other cannabis merch in one place.

Seed Quality

sensi seed bank review

This seed bank is highly respected for a good reason. They don’t skimp when it comes to the quality of their seeds. In addition to high-quality seeds, they want to give you a great growing experience by providing informational materials that go along with every seed they sell. You’ll know exactly what to expect from the seeds you buy, and how to proceed with growing a particular strain.

Payment Options

Sensi Seeds takes quite a few payment methods but does not accept some of the more discreet payment options such as Bitcoin or money orders. Shoppers have the choice to pay using via Mastercard, Visa credit cards, cash, or bank transfer. Among these options, cash is the most discreet, but it is the least secure way to pay.

If you choose to pay with cash, always make sure that you add tracking to your package to make sure that it arrives as promised and that you have insurance on the parcel. Sensi Seeds is not liable for any cash payments that you send that get lost or do not make it to their address.

Return Policy

If you’re not happy with your seeds, you can return most items within 14 days of receiving our purchase. Sensi will only provide refunds for products that are returned in their original condition and can’t process refunds for any products that are damaged due to user error.

Depending on your location, it might take up for three weeks for your return to be processed and your refund to arrive back in your account. All expenses related to returning your product, such as shipping or printing a return label, are the buyer’s responsibility to cover.

Amazing Seed Deals

  • High THC Seeds
  • High Yield Seeds
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflower Seeds
  • Mix Packs 


Sensi Seeds currently only ships seeds within the EU, but you can still order some of their other products, such as their educational materials, CBD oil, apparel, or cannabis accessories anywhere in the world.

Once you place your order, it will be processed within one business day, and orders usually arrive at their destination within ten business days after receiving payment.

They have a standard shipping rate of €7.50 within Europe and €12.50 outside of Europe. You can also add additional insurance on your package for an extra €5.00. All orders come with tracking, and you can see where your order is on the “order status” page on their website.

Customer Service

One downside is that Sensi very rarely holds any sales or offers any sort of promotion or discount codes. They stand behind the high quality of their seeds and confident that they are worth the cost.

If you’re looking for budget seeds, there are a handful of other seed banks like MSNL, and True North that regularly holds sales, but doesn’t offer the same level of quality of their products.

Sensi has a helpful customer service team that will assist you with shipping and delivery issues as well as issues with your orders or your seeds themselves. You can contact them via email or by phone on weekdays between 9 and 5 CET.

They also still have a physical shop in the Netherlands, where the staff is always willing to help and answer questions.


All orders from Sensi are shipping in unmarked, unlabeled packages with no advertising or return address. The packages themselves are very discreet, and you cannot tell what’s in them without opening them.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer other stealth options like including merchandise or other items within the package like some other seed banks. The only way to do this is to order some merchandise from their online store as part of the order to make the package seem more discreet.


  • High-quality seeds
  • Sells unique strains
  • Sells their own original hybrids
  • Great informational materials
  • Fast Delivery
  • Great reputation within the cannabis industry


  • Limited payment options
  • Limited discretion options for shipping
  • No sales or promotions
  • Only ships within the EU

Final Thoughts

sensi  seeds logo

Sensi Seed Bank is a well-known brand that is converted in Amsterdam and around the world. They are not without their faults, but they provide some of the highest quality strains and seeds on the market and have a great reputation for their customer service. We don’t love that they only ship within the EU, but for security purposes, they currently can’t ship worldwide.

If you reside within the EU, then there’s no reason not to shop with Sensi. Even if you live outside of the EU, you can use their site to buy resources on how to best grow your seeds, and learn more about how various strains grow in different climates.

IF there is a strain on Sensi that you absolutely love, you can also check to see if they are reselling that strain on another online seed bank that ships to your country.

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